free hosting, domain name, and server

sup peepz,

check out they have free hosting service and once you signup and have a active site, pm admin and he can give your clan a 16 slot server for what ever game.

the forum is in the process of begin bulid but the company is partnering up with gaming communities.
u do it for free?
What's the catch?

Quote by whip12
...and have a active site, ...

Do they want us to put free publicity on our site in exchange of a free server?

If not, why else need to have an 'active site'?
No the websites are not ads . the only reason you need to have an active website is because you dont just signup and use space on the server. some people signup and even use it to send email. need to be all active sites. but no forced ads.
Weirdest shit ever.
On the other hand, I'll test it out (looking for the catch).

Pretty sad, but I'm so negative that I can't imagine you guys would offer something for free, while others have pay 2£-5£/month.
There is no catch its all free and we will never force ads. It seem alittle odd that how do we make money of this, we do so but not now in the long on. Yes check it out and if you like it and see its legit it would be awesome to give us a review.
Almost nothing in this world is for free.
herpes is.
What?! I paid for mine.
Not really because you would have to pay for medication after.
You still dont need to pay to get herpes
In the end very few things are free.
meds are not recommended
unless you get it from a hooker or unless you get it from a chick that you got drunk to have sex with you because a sober woman would never have a sexual relationship with such a ugly nerd like you
no, u have to get her drunk so she can kiss you
What is it in this kinda thingies, when ever someone offers something free, they have huge trouble in what comes to writing / speaking english.
This is how you write "English" :) Thanks for making comments on my slang, anyways who ever wants to give it a try go ahead while it's still there.
Get the hosting and domain with cheap rates along with cheap Ddos protection service.
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