Watch out

You got to be stupid to do what she/he says, but thought lets give a useless heads-up to you all.

Quote by prettyangelMy name is Minnie i read your profile today it was so good to me. so i desided to stop on it and let you know that i am interested to be a friend first.please contact me at my email adress (,i will give you a full introduction of my self okay. i hope to hear from you soon.
cares for my future love Minnie

The email is well known at sites that list all sort of scam(mers).
This one in particular acts like she/he is a girl.

ps: You got no Girlfriend? And you don't have a life? Then you definitely email this person!
i think ill contact her she looks adorable
Got that too :D
I thought I was special :(
I thought i was special too :(
I WOULD TOTALLY NAIL HER, I'll visit her when my nigerian lottery winnings come through
"i read your profile today it was so good to me" I wish I could be so good to women as my profile
What has crossfire come to
is this snowstorm?
Happened several times here but I never understood the point of such things...
Are you infected with a virus if you send her a mail (don't really know if that's doable) or is she just gonna ask you for money once you contacted her or anything else?
Well I can answer that OR you can google it.

Small version: : 'she' in beginning is really friendly, then when you're getting to personal. She starts to ask money.
Then if you tell her: I will give you money, if I bang you first
THEN AND ONLY THEN the shit is on.

Basically a scam were person x gets your trust, than starts to scam you with it on some way.
- because you're dumb and think you love her
- You have sent 'her' naked pics, while she did it too (only she got it from the net), and starts to blackmail you with it.
- ...
talk of experience?
I imagined more people saying this. But you're the first one :o
fuck! i though she really wants me :<
pois crossfirest ja takas pelille vitun mökkihöperö
The hero crossfire needs.
Awesome post i love it keep posting more! fencing santa fe
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