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~~~Return to Castle Wolfenstein~~~~~~Remake Mod~~~image: rtcw-remake-mod-cover

This new mod for Return to Castle Wolfenstein is being created by GRECO and C.Z.R.. It's still in development, but excellent progress has been made already.The Mod will include:
# New models (weapons, vehicles, peds etc.)
# New and better sounds
# New and more additions to the default maps
# New graphics options (bump map, parllax etc.)
# HD textures
# Gameplay improvements and much more~~~Screenshots~~~image: rtcw-remake-mod34 image: rtcw-remake-mod26 image: rtcw-remake-mod-venom image: rtcw-remake-mp40image: rtcw-remake-mod44 image: rtcw-remake-mod24 image: rtcw-remake-mod031 image: rtcw-remake-mod07

QuoteThe RtCW Remake Mod Dev Team are currently looking for someone who knows how to make RTCW animations and edit maps with scripts. They are also looking for a coder/programmer. If you have such skills, or know someone who does and would be interested in joining the new project, then please contact the team via the links below.

RtCW Remake Mod on FacebookRtCW Remake Mod on MOD-DBVideo Trailer -  HERESource - MOD-DB
remake ET instead.

Although development is really slow :(
april april D: .......... :<
April fool
Seems good , really good

hope it's not an April fool , otherwise fuck you !
Quote # New and better sounds

you can't improve on perfection
Yes, because the environmental and positional sound of RtCW is... so good. :(
indeed it is :) at least I've never had a problem knowing where someone is behind me when they shoot/move etc.
In certain scenarios there are blind spots where you don't know if sounds is coming from in front or behind of you. Although mostly evident in DM game types.
Never had an issue with positional sounds in competitive RTCW for the 12 years I played it. I remember some problems on shrub and other random mods but that was more down to sound bugs than positional sound issues (like hearing random sounds that couldn't exist, can get it watching old demos on newer game types too)
That's because in competitive RTCW you work with some expected variables, like enemies stacking at usual spots (i.e. base -r1, r2, net, zone3) with 5/6 people in your team where you pretty much at any given point know where each of them is, so when you hear footsteps it's easy to figure out where it's coming from or by whom.

In DM you can end up with 20 people inside IC where they're mixed all together so they come from all directions at any given time. It's especially evident at upper IC near the door to upper office where you hear the footsteps but for a brief moment can't establish if it's coming from (start of) the 2nd stairs or enemy passed the boxes at upper IC. What makes things even more complicated is that DM mods have bunny jumps enabled and in some lame cases game speed higher, so reaction time to process all the data is smaller then usual, thus by the time you figure out what's going on, you're already in a dog fight.

But yes, I do agree that it depends of the mod, version, hardware and at the end of the day, of player (reflexes and hearing) as well.
sorry, horrible i dont like post 2001 textures much
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