RTCW WTV Demo Request

Just a request for RTCW demos, recorded on WTV, of any game from games past.

A few requirements:

Demos must be 1 file, not 4 small files - one continuous demo of the entire game
Demos must be complete matches
Match must have been an official game, as much detail of the game itself would be great (which competition etc)
Must be WTV spectated game, not a first person POV of a game that was on WTV

I already have a lot of demos but the more the better. anything from 2003-2005 would be awesome :)
april fools B-)
no it's not. :)

it's past 12 anyway :D
like it's a rule that you can't make jokes past 12 :p
google april fools noon :)
lol here on tv they still prank at the 7pm news etc, i call bullshit! https://uk.answers.yahoo.com/question/index?qid=20120401034531AAtbpBv
DM59, hopefully that will not be an issue - one game is nice though - need more, especially 2003-2011
pm twister he sent me vib vs escelesto final! very good match specially frostbite!
It's a POV demo from mAx though I guess? Think merl is looking for wtv demos specificly.
oooooh true!!
http://www.x-labs.co.uk/demos/ Enjoy the blast from the past! Bit of a mess that archive including ET game record, maps and configs but there is lots of RtCW records from official games worth of checking up. Some of the archives includes shoutcasts from like TsN|Warwitch & TsN|DeeAy, Xcast, djWHEAT and TosspoT.

Edit: European mirror server - Directory Index
You sir, deserve a pint
n1111111111111111111 swert demo collection is alive!
unique vs team dignitas mp_base is epic!
great idea, and thank you very much for the already big collection of demos

offtopic, maybe someone still have demos of ff.org (fear factory) or hb (highbot) ?
Is this for every Sunday on WW TV Merlinator, or is this for a frag video?
what happen to this Idea? :/
dont think Warwitch liked the no control of the camera - I might do some ET/RTCW ones in the off season :)
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