new mouse - replacement for mx518

Hi everyone. I've been using an mx518 (1800 dpi one) for years now, must be 5+ years now. It mouse buttons are slowly starting to die now so must get something new soon. I was looking into g400 which looks nice, seems to perform slightly better etc. I loved the shape of mx518 so that's not an issue for me, nor am i looking for high dpi, don't usually go over 1000 dpi anyway. There's two things that are putting me off from purchasing g400, it's the weak wire and the scroll button that some people are complaining about. Are there any long time users out here of g400 that have no issues with the wire braking in like 2 months and is the wheel really so much more flimsier that the mx518 one?

Also, if you have any other suggestions, I'd be more than happy to hear those. Basically I'm looking for a mouse that would fit perfectly in my palm (mx518 does the job perfectly), is rock solid when it comes to performance - no spazzing out, good quality, none of that glossy crap on buttons, rubber all the way etc. Don't really care for the weight as well, mx518 weighs like 400+ gs and I'm absolutely fine with that. No budget limitations as well :)
they fixed the cable problem with the g400s, buy the g400s.
they didnt ..
I've only ever used mx518/g400 and had the cable problem on every one (had about 15) had the g400s since it was released and still no cable problem.
actually I had on g400 the same cable issue as on mx518
g400s ¬_¬ newer version with fixed cable problem!
I had my mx518 for 7-8 years and never had a problem with it.
cable issues?
I heard PolandUpload is selling his mouse
used to have mx518 for a long time, switched to Steelseries Ikari few years ago and then went for G400/G400S again.
I never had any problem with MX518, I had mine for over 3 years, sold it to friend and it still works. As for G400 - no problem with scroll button/wheel, but I had to send it for replacement after 1 year due to detached cable. However, it was partly my fault - I am using old steelseries cable holder and from time to time when I made some really fast and very long flick to the very edge of my mousepad, cable took the weight with it (and that could have caused broken cable).
Since I had to play with something during it was in warranty check, I needed to buy another mouse - I went for G400s (since G400 is not available anymore. Same shape but I think G400 was/is better - G400s does not work well with Puretrak Talent, this combo makes my cursor glitch and do some unpredictable skips, regardless of DPI. Another issue with G400s - for some reason it is twice as expensive as mx518/G400 ever was.
yeah, mx518 would've probably served me for a few more years but i tend to get a bit ragy sometimes :) i had a quick look on g400s, available for just below 40 quid in uk atm from amazon, the only thing i dislike about it is the graphics on it - not really a fan of those but i guess i wont be seeing those if my palm is covering that up.
I have g400s with puretrak talent and it works perfectly :DX maybe yours is faulty? :D
aight, another question-the weight difference. since g400s is more than twice as light as mx518, do you reckon thats gonna be an issue to get used to?
I never noticed the weight difference - but yet again, there has been 3 years and two different mouses between them. Quite honestly, I don't really remember the feel of MX518 anymore.
ok, ill probably gonna give the g400s a try. kept looking and only heard good things about it from most reviewers. cheers for the support!
i playing with g400 and with mx518 cable LOL
et t'es heureux hein ?!
Pd t toujours vivant
j'peux dire la meme chose de toi ! :D
Quand l'été arrive je suis tjrs la !
Zowie AM

great mouse exept some little bad stuff.

-glossy buttons
-sensor not performing well at every settings
-fit well for little hand mostly

other than that, this mouse is close to perfection
i used ot have g5 and mx518, but i dont like big mice, so i bought Zowie FK, fucking amazing
g400s only option
zowie fk
zowie ec evo cl

razer deathadder 2k14 (razer poor quality tho)
razer abysus (glossy tho)
razer deathadder black edition

steelseries rival (ss poor quality tho)
steelseries kana/kana v2

new coolermaster optical (dunno the name)

mionix avior (or smth) with 6k dpi or arround.

those are the mice with good sensor

EDIT : i don't know if you care about sensor, if not go take a mouse on a shop in your hand to see if it fit your need and thats all.
Zowie EC1 evo
comparison between mx518 and g400s in case if anyone is still wondering
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