ET urge


I want a team to play with some 6on6s, 3on3s would be cool as well since I haven't played for a loooooooong time and a little warmup could help :)

oh and I can't play on the weekends, so.. only Sundays to Thursdays which is better I guess..??
pm here cause I forgot how to use IRC :-D

by the way, wassup with TZAC? what is this CGAC? sounds like a bad lawyers company..

k bibuy <3 all
super jew :D
2k14 and destiny still has no fragmovie lol
<3 wb mate!
im sry but bsturz doesnt exist anymore else u would have a team now :D
you know Israelemp0
how is your fagmovie?:(
I will probably look for some players really soon to complete my lineup so if your interested leave me a pm and ill try to explain.
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