xAeee - Short Fragmovie

Hi everyone , some weeks ago i wanted to start making a fragmovie without any knowledge of the programs and only with demos of the 2 previous months.

I made a short one first before the big one to see what are you guys thinking of it and also what should i improve.

Special thanks to : Portugalag0n , Germanymental and NetherlandsTesti who helped me a lot about some bugs
Special thanks also to : Moldovaeujen

I know there is some mistakes still ( med packs text ect...) but well was really fun to make it still ;)


Thanks for watching !
Well, Im not sure, but did you use vdub? Because if so, you should try to make it 720p and 16:9 fullscreen (atleast on my screen it's 4:3 and I have black bars above and on the sides).

I guess is would be easier for you, to just download UltraViolet MovieMod, since it has everything (config, popups etc etc)
the link of uVMod on their website is dead and couldn't find one anywhere :/

I used Media manager instead... :/
gl with the final version
Not bad, cam action was a bit exaggerated and the music isn't quite my taste, but not bad to watch.
Also, there should be better movie configs you can use.
Looking forward for the final product, good luck!
nice but almost 1 min of flying around in 2 min clip is a bit 2 much :D
thought the same
If i show you the most interesting frags i can't make the final movie :{D

sorry for that :{D
Go faire un full fragmovie :P
maybe use 1280x720 resolution or sth
dont add auto-rolls at camtrace
crosshair is missing also or is it me?
and maybe bit higher than 90 fov
also might wanna disable re-sampling if youre using vegas
but yeah overall wasnt bad :D
suro, p56, mitja, kwiz..

hi mazarini, oh wait
expected more tbh
i think u should remove the muzzle flash (les ptites explosions qui sortent de la smg)

the 2000s called and want their intro back

got fragged - didn't like it. just kidding, i really liked the last frag
got fragged - didn't like it. just kidding, i really liked the last frag
hold din kæft :D
din mor :s

HVOR ER DU !!! Lad os spille igen
ja, kan spille på mandag igen ;D

a 40second intro on a movie that lasts 2mins? are you broken?
good player needs better movie ;)
Was expecting better frags, no offense
Quoteonly with demos of the 2 previous months.

that's normal ^^
flying through maps are just boring, u should skip these parts, also need better quality.
Everysince you haven't replied on my question on the site of GamesTV, I'm gonna ask you here:

Quotehu _powi Tuesday, 29th April 2014 14:54
BoRi was a cool guy but not skilled :3 if adze would be active then yes he could fit in.

Quotehu _powi Friday, 2nd May 2014 12:56
i got that movie, rly cool (however i think adze has some cheating frags inside :// )

Would you please explain yourself?
First: Attacking in the back your former teammates you used to play for long time. What?
Second: What cheating frags are you talking about? Make yourself clear about it.

Thank you.
About BoRi copy my other comment also:

Quotehe was a nice spam & brain player, he was good in every kind of spam (panzer, nades, supports, artys etc). also he had pretty good pistol aim, but not really good with smg for some reason.

its not an attack, thats what i think about him for a long time.

about you i wasnt sure, but i think once you said there are some frags in a movie where u used cheats, not sure if its that movie tough.
BoRi was a pretty highsens player (360° @ 20 cm = 4 times higher than mine = if I can recall correctly) and would never change his settings, even if he knew he would get better, because the settings he used were outdated.

Yes, I did mention that like I've never denied the fact that I tested some different cheats in the past. You can find my wallhacking frag in the super-size movie, I did a 4 men grenade on B4 allies first spawn. Even Hungary Stom ( former et.hu headadmin afaik) spotted wallhack on that frag. I don't think it's very obvious, but after rewatching that frag a few times I got to admit it's obvious wallhack. (08:19)

360° @ 12 cm here!!! :D

its very comfortable to move your wrist for turns, but then my aim falls apart
well i would like to play with low sens but I srsly got no space for my mouse^^ the only solution would be to play with my keyboard at 90° like many players but i cant play like taht :P
90° keyboard is mostly at lan, because of no space
Its pretty decent but there are a lot of things (besides your obvious after effects skills and photoshop skills) that need work! Can help, just pm x
Why you use 4:3 instead of 16:9? It simple ;D.

If you want some help/tips how to make finall movie look better, you can pm me. Ask Testi if its worth ;).
but he wants to finish it in the next few weeks and not years =DDDDDDDDDDDDDdd <3
np, he doing movie, not me :D
intro sucks dicks but yea

...short indeed, was a pleasnt watch. make it longerr :)
2:10 clip
action at 1min nice
guys its the intor for the whole movie already so stop whining about too long intro -- but the music is horrible
Are you the guy who used to play with sebi & co?
I did in the past , played with them in fagalag and so on , why?
was just wondering
Useless intro, quality could be a lot better, frags are not so great, music is ok. Gl with the final version but there is a lot to do.
i am more into backrape frags and afk kills, so this movie was not so entertaining
stop complicating and be here tonight around 22 !!! :D
online, for sum nerding : <?
I am low- without cheats :(
Can't carry you anymore :'(
seareal will be here so he will carry us!!! :D
ok, I installed it and will see if it works on my new laptop :) where can I reach you?

e: #smanetti.bros ??
im not really much online, but when i am usually there yes :D or just pmme here or @ Facebook KLEMEN LEMON BUBU VAN STANĐO :D
needs more cams in the beginning tbh. and i would stick to 4:3.
half the movie cams, then only 2man frags lol. 1/5
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