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I have to do a bit of research into web developers.
Basically I just have to know:

What framework do you use? Why do you use it and not something else?
I myself like to work with the old-dated: CI (codeiniter). You need 'more' skills for CI than for example Larvel.
On the other hand, frameworks like Zend ans Symfony are so extremely extensive that you actually need specific skills for that Framework (skills, as in knowledge actually...).

Drupal doesn't count. Drupal is a branch apart.


Every framework need some specific skill imho. I have in my mind one another framework worth to look at .
Drupal is not framework, it's CMS.

I have experiences with these:
- CakePHP: v2.X; very easy to use; very suitable for small to medium sized projects
- Symfony: v2.X; a bit pain in the ass (I don't like configuration over convention designs), some things that can be done in CakePHP in matter of minutes, take hours in Symfony (for example I find notion of listeners a bit complicated to what most use case scenarios need); I prefer CakePHPs templating system to twig
- Zend: the biggest pain of them all, this framework should be used only for big corporate projects

In general, most of the frameworks are very similar, needing pretty much same set of skills (knowing how to properly use MVC structure is a must), however there are some differencies you have to consider (active record vs entity; templating systems; modules vs plugins etc.). But if you don't want to configure every small thing yourself, you would want to turn for some of the "convention over configuration" framework - like YII or CakePHP. On the other hand - for big enterprise projects, you might wanna have more granular control over whole application, and in that case frameworks like Zend and Symfony come in.

I use CakePHP in projects I can decide which framework to use, but Symfony2 is my main framework for half a year now since my contractors are specifically asking for it.

If I were to learn some new framework, I would take a look at YII, Laravel and Phalcon.
no sing of ruby or python at east of slovakia? :D or you work for foreign company?
Title of the thread is "PHP - Framework", I don't see how ruby/python would be relevant here. Besides - I never used neither of those, so I am not gonna comment on them.
indeed, perl = instant winrar
Thanks this reply was very decent.
May I use your quote for my research project?

btw: You can make a MVC out of drupal. But it's a pain just google it (I won't recommend doing it though)
Anyway, I don't like drupal as cms either. It's extremely slow once you have a few modules running.
HAVE to work with it like 2 months now, and I'm already hating it.

(Had to go to 'school' (something that resembles 'school') again for work this year, to specialize in drupal and php. => webmaster, web developer and drupal devloper, while actually having to go to work.). I'm allowed to drop one, if I would like. But I'm really trying to specialize in both, to enhance my 'marketvalue' => get payed more.

Also on topic: I really recommend using Laravel. It's 'new', updates are made regular, and it's usibility-friendly, once you can work with the blade-templating.
Yii, due to its performance and advanced caching
I don't use any framework, but codeigniter is decent
fuelPHP is pretty good but if I need good performance, I like to build my own framework to match a projects needs.
building you own framework for commercial project is bad thing. your projects have quite a lot of bugs and security vulnerabilities then. You wont achieve in a short time as much in the field of testing and bug catching as a "community" that is focused on one framework and uses it for tones of projects. for performance you can use some light weight fast frameworks
I used a few frameworks at my job when we needed something done fast. What I had is mind were my personal projects :)
I use kohana because I just got used to it. Really cool framework :).

I made also a small project using slim framework - very small but decent. However im not a webdeveloper - im a linux sysadmin, and too be honest, if I would have to start coding webapps again I would go for Django.

PHP community is very divided, its authorities aswell - and as a result you have a language which is just a collection of cool features from all other launguage out there, both procedural features, and object oriented features - this just doesnt work good alltogoether... And PHP doesnt have a clear plans for the future because of the inside authorities quarells :D and python is amazing langauge :)
no sing of ruby or python at east of slovakia? fnaf
There are several PHP frameworks out there, but Laravel seems to be the most popular one. It is very fast, has a good support base and has an active community. You can download and start working with it for free. For Laravel you need a Linux server, which can be either on the cloud or on your local server.  It is fast, easy to set and has a great support behind it.
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