CF World Cup Poule

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Hello I made a WC prediction game for my fellow crossies.

Winner will get a Dirty Bomb Key and a 10 Euro Game off Steam of your choice. Join up!

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Stiff contender for community member of the year right here, folks.
here we go
cool! signed up
Sweet, signed up.
Man we need more people.
signed upped
submitted a few round matches, all current picks (must have an account to view)
Gonna roll you
signed up aswell :)!

toch 2 personen die de wereldkampioen juist gaan hebben!
haha doubt it :p
signed up under nick: brecht1337
This is fun, thanks :-)
scoring system kind of sucks, 3-0 got me a worse score than people who picked 2-0 to Brazil - which makes no sense. 2-1 would be ok to score more though - hopefully its just a bug :D

If the score is 3-1 you get more MP if you pick 2-0 than a 2-1. Although 2-1 is only 1 goal off the actual score, the goal difference is more important than the amount of goals scored.
yea I saw their formula, it is flawed - goal difference should be based on individual team scores tbh.

something like:

((your goals scored team 1 - actual goals scored team 1)+(your goals scored team 2 - actual goals scored team 2) / 2)
((your tot. goals - actual tot. goals) / 2)

for instance, if I guessed tonight score between Spain and NL was 4-0 NL I would get less points then if I guessed 5-1 Spain in this section - which I guess you realise makes no sense at all.
Well at the end we can just look who predicted the most scores correct and make our own ranking if it's really that far off.
contact me here, cant pm on cf, buggy message system :x
you got an email or some shit
on cf? didnt receive anything atm
i mean you have a email adress bruh
coolio I'll send the dirty bomb key and the game of your choice if you gimme your steam nick just tell me which game you want xx
steam nick is homiertcw1. I guess csgo is a tad too expensive?
how much is it right now? I mean we can wait until it's on sale
13 euros or smth
Parent GOGO! csgo on sale! + i want my dirtybomb key! ;)
I missed the second round completely, forgot to play x) :(
Doing surprisingly good so far
low- ghana nation portugal lowbob fucks
Loved how my ridiculous go big or go home Argentina - Switzerland 2-2 score with Argentina winning on penalties netted me the same points as people who picked Argentina to win with a 2 goal deficit.
homie :D!!
wp! bundesliga or EPL poule next imo ;)
WC is over, congratz to winner. unsticked :~>
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