Moviemaker for Statti?

Heyyyy, I need a moviemaker. Got plenty of frags against top teams from 2010-2014. Some with shoutcasts if you want to use such.

4-7kills/ frag
5-15secs + few longer clips
mostly smg frags but got some spam too (strikes, panzer).

I can try picking out the best ones myself but I can send you all if you want to pick them yourself. Movie should be around 6-13mins. Up to you. Will be happy with a shorter clip too if I can't get anything else..

I dont have any requirements but it would be a bonus if you were able to use hitsounds. You get to pick music and otherwise do anything you please as long as I hear songs before their final use. I also have a few suggestions if you want some. If you can make quality better than fraps, I will be pleased but some low quality clip is fine too.

Thanks! :D
pm ag0n
pm Artstar
hitsounds is a must :C
pm IceCube
gl m8 :)
pm crittie
pm seareal
wanna work with shit frags with low sens? pm this guy
low sens? LOL :D
wanna work with shit player? pm this guy


+6 years of ET and best result is ladder #1 :-D
Much better
apart from the fact that his till nerd as fuc then yeah
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