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Hi guys,

About 2 and a half years ago I bought a PC with the following components:

image: ejiqnt

Lately, I am starting to notice that not everything is going as smooth as I wished it should. Here are my problems:
- Reasonably high ping*
- Slow internet browsing
- Very small intern memory (about 300gb)

* I live in an urban area, where we are limited to chose from only 1 internet provider. There's several computers and laptops connected to the modem, whenever somebody downloads all other PC's go very slow (resulting in high ping, making gaming impossible).

I'd like to ask you if you have any suggestions that might improve the computer. I cannot change my internet provider unfortunately :(

Thanks all!
thats a joke, right?
Get ssd and maybe new hdd. SSD for system and ET,then hdd for files etc. Dunno about your ping maybe new network interface card will help .
Which SSD and HDD would you recommend? SSD from Samsung?
Crucial MX100 is the best choice because of the power loss protection.
Crucial M500 also is good
It is, but the MX100 is faster and cheaper most of the time.
won't help with anything but loading speed. it's cool to have ssd but won't change performance
He wants a smooth experience, thats what a SSD is built for.
all it will do for him is faster loading speed, that's what I am saying. if that is what he is aiming for - it's okay. otherwise it would be waste of money for him. suggesting ssd without explaining how would that help him migh be misleading.
That faster loading makes the biggest difference, you click something and it will almost load instant. Imagine how much time you save when you add all that up.

It's not without a reason that a lot of business are switching to SSD also for their desktops and laptops. Time is money.

I can't imagine using a computer without any SSD. I just bought a Dell Inspiron 17 for my mother with 5400rpm hdd, it was just so frustrating to use. I put my 4 year old X25-M G2 SSD in it, and it always amazes me how much difference it makes. Even my mother who is mainly using facebook noticed it. Even with a small budget, a SSD makes the most difference.

Another example Dell Inspiron 6400 T5600, 2GB from early 2007. I am using it daily again with Windows 8, just because it has a SSD. It supports SATA 1. But the accesstimes make all the difference.
too many stories.
I switched from 5400rpm HDD to SSD like 6, 7 months ago. difference is cool for startup, then nothing. if you open and close apps often - yes, then it might be huge. but I tend to start pc, have it running all day long with my most used apps running in the background all the time. where's the difference then.
ofc I enjoy having SSD because of the faster startup, but it's not like it can stand up to tasks it couldn't before
What kind of 5400rpm? If it is a Samsung F4 5400rpm desktop hdd, yea that one is faster than older 7200rpm drives. But laptop drives....

If you keep all programs in memory of-course it doesn't matter much. Do you also keep your games in the background? When playing Battlefield it makes a huge difference while loading.
Even with SSD I/O is still the bottleneck now. Those high sequential speeds are nice with newer SSD but it's the 4K speed that really matters.
intern memory 300gb, lol.

Your computer will feel a lot faster when you buy a SSD from Crucial/Samsung around 256GB Crucial MX100, Samsung 840 EVO, Samsung 840 Pro. I would also a buy a bigger harddisk like 1TB~4TB whatever you need.

Other problems, it's your internet connection or modem. You can buy something that supports QoS to limit traffic from other computers while downloading. Than you will have more bandwith available.
how about... umm... I don't know... reinstalling OS?
Your problem would be the case. It is too dark and might depress your cpu.
had same problem, best answer so far
No colour or anything interesting on it. CPU is probably so depressed I am suprised it hasn't shut its self away from you.
I can put some stickers on it xD
ur cpu might be racist, i would go for a white case
SSD will not fix slow browsing or ping.

So you would change provider if u could?
You *could* get a 2nd connection (adsl, but perfectly fine for browsing & ping, especially in urban area) if you dont mind paying the extra €30.
Or get a router that allows u to limit annoying familymembers/roommates from downloading too fast or has good QOS options.
The second option is genius. I did the same and my roommates are still wondering why their internet connection isn't what it used to be. And I'm just like, well I don't know :D
hahahaha dat heb je nooit verteld :D
Is sinds twee weken. Dat mens had haar vriendje hier en volgens mij zaten ze 100 pr0n films tegelijk te kijken ofzo, want ik kon niet eens facebook laden. Dus toen was ik het zat en heb ik hun toegang een maximum verbruik gegeven :p
Heb nog wel een compleet systeem voor je mocht je willen.

asrock H77 pro/MVP iH77, SATA600, usb 3.0
Corsair 2x 4GB, DDR3, PC12800, CL9, Vengeance
Corsair midi tower carbide 500R ATX
Crucial SSD 2,5, 128 GB SATA 600 , M4
Gelid solutions processor koeler Tranquilo rev 2
Gigabyte viedeokaart PCI-e radeon HD7950 WF 3GB
Intel core I5 3470 3,20 Ghz
Win 7
Seagate harddisk 3,5 1 tb
XFX voeding proseries 550w

ook heb ik daar een Benq monitor bij

Hoor het wel mocht je het iets vinden, of iemand anders
Ik hoef niet een geheel nieuw systeem :P

Wat voor benq monitor?
Je enigste probleem zit in je connectie. Probeer de rest van de PC's op het netwerk te limiteren zodat jij meer bandbreedte hebt. Ik heb zelf ooit iemand gebeld om hetzelfde te doen voor mij in studentenhuis. :p
wow, thankyou for your information, very usefull, thankyou
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