Avi for SC


I'm avi for a team if there's one lurking around with some relaxed people that I know.

Send me a message over crossfire or Facebook.

Thanks, xoxo.
/q gnome
avi for speed cup as well
succes !
I will leave you a message at facebook.
As his messenger he had the following reply:

"Why the fuck has this nerd got me on facebook? I don't even know him. Tell him he is shit and i'd rather cut my penis with a jagged knife and dip it in vinegar."

As you can see, My client does not want to enter negotiations with you.

Oh, that's very nice. Thanks for the info!
Was the convo only meant to be between me and you? Sorry!
what is this facebook evrybody talking about ?
/q chilax
/q prick
/q esSe
cu on facebook.
KEVIN /q eraseplayer at irc
Good luck! Do you happen to know if Boss still plays? I miss him.
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