RTCW Q3 & Q4 2014

I have talked with Warwitch about trying to revitalise the RTCW scene a little bit, as the number of teams has dwindled since it's resurgence back in 2012 - we have both agreed that laying off the main game format (6on6) for the remainder of the year is probably the best course of action to create motivation and get hunger back for teams in the main formats. So for the remainder of 2014 WarwitchTV and myself have no plans to cover 6on6 tournaments.

This being said, 6on6 should still be on the horizon in the future with the hopefully the next tournament being covered by WarwitchTV in early 2015.

There have been four tournaments since 2012 and all have had summer or Christmas holidays fall on them. This is bad practice to keep people motivated and avoid drop outs (the last cup had 13 sign ups with 4 teams dropping out over the course of the tournament). I am not pointing any fingers but I think we can all agree this is problematic when it comes to keeping RTCW going in 6on6 format.

As well as this, Warwitch himself has passed all donations while casting RTCW 6on6 tournaments onto the cup which has nearly totalled $2,000 so far - which imo was far too generous considering the tournament itself did not provide a lot of games.

What's next?
I had personally back before the World Cup planned a little 6on6 tournament to start sometime in September, but with the current state of affairs I think forcing another tournament on the scene will rip it apart even furthur. After discussions with Warwitch we came to the conclusion that 3on3s until Christmas could help the scene get their hunger back for 6on6 as well as bring more punctual and enjoyable (all-round) tournaments to RTCW.

Between now and Christmas I will be organising 4 one-day 3on3 tournaments through the one.soldier 'one more cup' series, all with minor prize funds (30-90 euros) as well as CF Championship Season 2 which will have hopefully a larger prize fund with the last tournament having over $1,000 (€735) donated directly by the the community .

Current rough dates for the ODCs, with roughly 3week breaks in between, are:

Sunday 31st August
Sunday 21st September
Sunday 12th October
<CF 3on3 Championship>
Sunday 21st December

The CF 3on3 Championship would start some time around 19/26th October (lasting approx 6-8 weeks based on sign ups and divisions) the aim is to have 10-12 teams with two divisions (I hope that multiple divisions will encourage teams that don't think they can match the bigger teams/players in RTCW to still sign up and compete in a league of their own.)

I will do posts for each tournament when the time comes, hopefully this is of interest to most of you.

2015 6on6 ideas
Just to end, an idea perhaps going forward would be to split up American and European tournaments. The NA scene I understand is a lot smaller but would benefit more, imo, from draft tournaments that last 3-5 weeks (you could do 2-3 of these every 'season' jan-june/sep-dec quite easily).

I mainly say this just because of two things, game organisation is horrible NA vs. EU, server arguments are becoming the 'norm' and there are teams that have/do try to exploit these situations - sometimes backfiring miserably. Tournaments will be faster and everyone prefer playing with <100 ping. I would happily help out anyone who wanted to run a cup, even if it is just to bounce ideas off and get my opinion on something.
This is mainly aimed towards the EU scene but I gut informed me of a 3on3 tournament that is ongoing for the NA scene which is great - hopefully more of those to come :)
Nice Merl! I agree with these statements (y)
Yeah we've got a little friendly inter-clan mix (xbreed and birdz) 3v3 league going for the summer.....but with a fancy website and coverage of all matches! http://jonmirro.wix.com/crossbirdz3v3 links to mine and playa's twitch pages are on there for past recordings.

I like all the ideas on this post as well.
Very good Merl. I am proud, Not sure if we will see new 3v3 chamo but i will do what i can ;)
Fun fun fun ... til daddy took the T-bird away :-)

Looking forward to watching the competition!

I return from holiday August 31st just in time 8-)
that is a pretty awesome coincidence =)
Did you talk with admins of this 6on6 cup at all?

I stepped out while back but I know there are other plans and this seems like you feel yourself to be above anyone else with this post :P Mean we all know you're a pretty arrogant guy but this post makes you look like ZeD :D
Remik make peace no war. This game is almost 13 years old and only we keep it alive. We should be United and keep this game and players alive as long as it is possible!
Not making war, same old unprofessional crap that made me leave the current 6on6 admin team as-well..

Everyone is always saying this is such a great community even though it's crazy rotten. LoL/CS yes shit communities because loud kids etc blabla, here it's 'adults' who behave like teenage girls and suck up with all their little friends...

Hope RtCW is playable for a while with the current activity/more and no one cares but I decided in groupstage this cup that after the cup I'm not playing/adminning in this community anymore :P
Dont leave RTCW wtfff I can take you into elite if you want :)
Look adeto idk u are friends with merl or not it doesn't really matter. In my opinion the more people want to organise tournaments the better. Iam not talking about exactly this situation because I do not know everything but we should stay together no matter what happens :)
QuoteDid you talk with admins of this 6on6 cup at all?

I talked to Warwitch who I believe talked to them (I cannot talk 100% for WW on that) in terms of the situation IE no plans to broadcast 6on6 tournament.

QuoteI stepped out while back but I know there are other plans and this seems like you feel yourself to be above anyone else with this post :P Mean we all know you're a pretty arrogant guy but this post makes you look like ZeD :D

This post is just giving information regarding tournaments I am organising between now and Christmas for the RTCW scene that will be on WarwitchTV - as a lot of people have messaged me over the last month about potential cups. If announcing cups for the scene is arrogant then OK.

I gave opinions on the current situation for RTCW based off of my experience as a player and admin in the game, which is fairly extensive. If there is a 6on6 there is a 6on6, but it will be forced and most teams simply don't want it - look at the fall off in the amount of teams for each cup.
Just think as a person with your status in the community, because yes even though I find that you have an arrogance about you but you do have the history and experience both player and admin, it would have been thoughtful to talk to the other people putting time and energy into things and what their plans are. So you can, for fucking once, all get on the same page/scheduling tour.

Like I replied to h2o, I don't care for myself personally as I won't be playing (I never liked 3on3 so that has nothing to do with the you or w/e) any cups anymore.
I guess if other people are planning cups they might also announce their plans, if any. We all know Merl usually arrange one day's and cups. It's not like theres a million cup admins around in this game so if you do have information, share it with the other 3 or 5 people who usually host stuff so that you can coordinate.

First news first served? \o/
Again, this post is giving the information to everyone (not just other admins or cup organisers) that WWTV will not be casting any 6on6 tournaments between now and Christmas and I give my general opinion that it would be best for the scene if 6on6 is left completely alone until 2015 (when WW will happily do another 6on6 tournament). And again, if it is arrogant that I give this information to other organisers and players then I guess every single announcement post is arrogant... I think you should perhaps look up the term.
Just saying, at no point have I said you posting your announcement is arrogant...
Quote...this seems like you feel yourself to be above anyone else with this post :P Mean we all know you're a pretty arrogant guy but this post makes you look like ZeD :D

this post, not the cup announcements ;)
this post was announcing the cups after WWTV decided not to cover 6on6 until 2015. :S so people know there is still some RTCW coming on WWTV.
I know right, the arrogance in even concluding the current rtcw scene and its future in a short overview.

I mean, these other admins who showed they are clearly capable of running a decent tournament didn't even have the chance to create such an overview...

How dare you Merlin, how dare you...
Well you are right on point. No need to inform you I see...
I think Merl has the most experience of all of us here regarding hosting a tournament. Definitely in RtCW.
As long as someone as dedicated as Merl is running cups... I think its just fine.
I agree with your thoughts merl. This is probably for the best :)
Yes, but what about Quake 3 and Quake 4???????


easy one
oh you :D hope you guys will be interested in the 3on3's, at least in the championship again :)
Will be signing up for all 4 cups :) 3on3 ftw!
Would like to see more 3v3 action! But for both sides of the community, maybe we can do separate divisions, then the winners of each division will then face each other. However, both teams will get the chance to play on a EU/US server, same thing we do but for 6v6s. Just an idea for the near future :p
I hope someone steps up to do some consistent NA tournaments between now and Christmas, I would but the time difference killed me - if you guys were 6-8 hours ahead rather than behind it would be fine.

I pretty much would rule out the trans atlantic ping battles, they are never fun to watch/play imo.
yeah awesome idea tragic, 3v3 NA cup please !! XD
fu mr. arrogant
harassment.. police!
KiH come baaaaack!!!
3v3 north america cup would be awesome, love the sound of 6v6 draft cup will make stuff interesting too ^_^ change things up a bit
I like how people equate thoroughness with arrogance. Damn him for displaying organizational skills while all these other halfwits running cups can't even formulate their own schedule plans.

On a different note: Weren't you also planning a 3on3 ET cup to be hosted by WW and friends? Something similar to the last one you held in RtCW?
Yup, I mainly thought it best to get this info out there early as RTCW is just smaller and has less to look forward to with scheduled tournaments comparison to ET (CG season etc).

The first ET one would be small though, 6-8 teams.
avi :D!
nice stabbing mata already
I mean avi for ET XD
naablet, 'tis rtcw only.
Prepare to be owned
WD merlin...

CAVE aint rly a 3on3 team and we will probably hibernate till 2015 but i think its for the best...

CAVE wants to say thank you to all admins, WW and crew and a big big thanks to that 12 players who managed to give us the best game in RTCW History (at least for me :P)... I dont think im gona see something like this in the future (someone should upload it to youtube for a 2030 view) :D...

image: 10379961_10152078464481367_8714055592160644392_o
There will be more 6v6 cups and this game will never die osi :D
Sounds nice... I'll be back! :-)
dat oldschooler, sup bro :)
All good, even better when I can join some cups again! ;-)
Heh! All that inspiration from our serious talk? :'D
Our Belgian Beer talk? :-D No Kris you won't get ALL the credits... ;-) Maybe if you help me out installing some stuff again hehe
hahaha :D I wont take ALL the credit, just some of it!
I still got it installed. Am famous for getting the most poison kills on bot servers!
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