Spring Break 2015

Hello everyone!

I know there are some people from the USA here & maybe some people who've been there on Spring break.
Me & some friends are planning to go there next year.

Now could you guys help me? Which cities are the best?
Cancun? Las Vegas? Miami? Panama City?
& What dates are the best to go? When are the spring breaks of the popular university's?
Is it best to book with a firm (studentcity?) or book on your own?

All help is welcome and appreciated! Greetz!
Punta Cana, the place to be!
Anywhere in florida is poppin during spring break
if u dont get laid there shoot yourself
flying to the us just to visit springbreak? is it 2004 again?
going to san-fran, LA, Las vegas, San diego now 1 sep

cu there LV & SF 18 - 24 sep
Brooklyn bro
i heard guantanamo bay is awesome
defenitely Alaska
girls in bikini's everywhere
i heard cancun is the best place to go for spring break.
i went to panama city this year at spring break. it was really really good.
i wouldnt go to miami. from what i heard spring break isnt that good there.
Vegas, never sleeps bro ;)
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