rtcw MP still going?

if so...point me in the right direction for some servers and updates. Cant believe the community is still pulling through...
Yeah it does
where is the select few player playing now? I can't believe there are cups and games still running. Stopped playing this back in 2006/7
sort of, it had a big resurgence (comparatively) back in 2012 when Warwitch returned to casting. Died off the last few cups again - hoping a break from 6on6 and some 3on3 tournaments for the rest of 2014 might get people interested in playing again come 2015.

Plenty of content though of the tournaments, 2012 Fall Cup, check the other videos on that channel, some frag movies and such there with some highlights of the tournaments on there too.
dat awesome youtube channel :o
That's great, this was honestly one of the best multiplayer games I ever played. Good old clan base competitions. Well let me know when things are due to kick off or you need players. It's been years, probably need a good ctf map session.
fantasy and mini still rape, yes.
www.rtcwcup.com <-- loads of info on there about the last few major cups held in RTCW (both EU and NA teams included).

Merlin's right though prob a slow point in RTCW again right now as only a few 3v3 matches happening during the Season #2 of CF Cup as we await the next 6's cup which should be announced "sooner" than later.
Dude I used to merc for you, blame NUDEY. He summoned me when you bailed out a few times ;oP

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