Another timbolina troll movie

Hello guys,

Here's another movie that has 2 clips with funny bomb defusals on csgo I did. Sorry for the low quality, it's still funny.

--> Matchmaking, gotta love it

Please, also never forget this Germany Kitt troll knife

Have a nice day, peace
Haha nice troll :)
Actually no troll, but braindead play by opponents. But funny nonetheless xD
Ye i know nice smoke in first clip :p
they didn't check the corners, so you could easily defuse. That would not happen to me.
Hahaha, dont forget to check corneres m8
no rage at all
ye u didnt rage today gg, even though we provoked u
gg second clip
Very good opponent...
2nd clipe we will never forget [*]
silver 1 /vidworthy
they were DMG
I want to vs DMGs that bad too :(
2014 and people still uploading 360p vids
Silver ranked people too stronk
480p gotta love it
dat wallhack :o
hahaah kitt :DDD
those lowranks XD even happens on supreme so np ... some players are just stupid :D
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