*BB* in need of players

image: W8tpwFz

as the title and picture above says, Big Balls are trying to make their last comeback, the only profesional ETPub team since 2006 is back for the CG ET Season #2!

So here are our requirements:

  • Awesome
  • Skilled enough to compete with nerds
  • Rolled countless of cheaters, made good teams ragequit
  • Have amazing hidden channel at brilliant polish teamspeak
  • Funny, laughing 91% of the time we play
  • Winning is not necessary, but we win.
  • Unbeaten at NorthPole, not even TURBOT or Queens could handle our christmas skill.

  • Speak english
  • Be available for offis
  • Be cool, awesome
  • MED skill at LEAST
  • Be funny

Czech Republic BOBiKA - Hated by 99,9% of the community, cheater lover
Netherlands GuderiaN/martijN - Best rifle at Adroits LAN
Canada CR0N0 (depends in availability)
Netherlands YOU
Poland YOU
Germany YOU

Also, if any of our members sees it, you are more than welcomed to contact me(as I've only written to my best buddies crono & martijn, sadly DARKI isnt able to play). And you're automatically IN.

Former players since 2014 that can always hop in if they wanna!
Australia DARKI
Slovakia YOU
Canada Tomun
France FAKS
United States of America vein
Canada empty
Poland stokkie

And all those, that have played with us and I can't remember!

Share the love ♥ Darki<3

Under consideration
Poland samraj
Netherlands JEeWee
Gl ButtonBashers
join too i will
aim is now nearly shit... aiming and no hit
i give u a lesson :) and fun is more important
i'am like fun ^^
+1 so retarded as bobika
i am in i hope this Poland was for me !!
There is a german and polish one, depends on you which one you will get!
prefer the polish one
i prefer the Swedish one :D
too much requirements for this small community xD...

but GL! ;-)
avi but cant match the flags :S
*Changed one just for you :S
>flames NA
>wants 3 NA players on his team
Wants? Only one I want is crono.
QuoteFormer players since 2014 that can always hop in if they wanna!

QuoteCanada Tomun

QuoteUnited States of America vein

QuoteCanada empty

he meant this...
He said I want them in, what did you miss there
You two are a great combo, neither of you get the mistake you've made. :S
If you didn't want them, you wouldn't add them to that list.

image: t0e5e9b_500px-Not_sure_if_trolling
I simply wrote everyone that played offi with us. Probably too hard to understand for that big fat MC brain .:S
I understood that, but if you hate NAs like Tomun/vein/Empty so much then why include them in players who are welcome to join?
1) Tomun is polish, isnt he :D
2) Vein wouldnt be avi + weird that he's not evne busted
3) Played with empty once or twice maybe, so what? He played with us (had to search it on gtv who played offis with us!) so I put him there... easy
gl best nbs admin <33
good luck
don't know you, how about ButtonBashers?
They were really good. :-)

base will hop in for this
Más vůbec PC, nebo si to všechno prodal? :D
Jinak fopsíka bys mohl zahrát :D
Všechno mám kromě času :D
Však většina to má stejně, takže by to bylo offi only, popřípadě random ladder matche kdybychom se nějak sešli :D
swan were we sober when we were handling these skills?
So no-one wanted you on their team and you made your own.

image: Es7jtq1
you so rude, dude
Evidently I am not known for being a nice guy right? So just part of the package :| When you moving to Prague? Packing these days I guess? :P
actually managed to postpone it until 1st of October - no need to pay rent for September this way. Plus it kinda works into my schedule better, got few work projects on finish line so it's nice to have that one more full-focus week here. Current plan is to go there on 28th, buy all the furniture in Ikea, get it together and arrange in a room (officially we have rent contract since 01.10. but we will get keys during next week). All my non-essential stuff will come week after (mostly PC setups, other electronics and decoration).
Should have moved to Poland! j/k, this country is a joke if it comes to the politics and money etc
Good luck with setting up IKEA furniture.
which part? will invite you to AHK meetup if there would be any :)
Praha 3, Zizkov
best one imo :)
I lived at dorm Svehlova under the tower and dorm at Jarov summers before
also check Aero cinema
Quite honestly - I didn't care that much where I would be situated, I left all those worries to my roommate. I am working mostly from home office anyway and I don't plan on changing that in Prague either. But that flat we got had just undergone a full reconstruction (we even got a chance to make some interior suggestions), rent is reasonable and is only few minutes of walk from my "work place" (which I can use regularly or visit only for important internal/client meetings). Judging from my previous trips to Prague, Zizkov really looks like one of better parts of Prague - but as long as you are in walking distance from Metro station, you are golden :)
Kde konkrétně budeš bydlet? Respektive hádám, že budeš někde u okolí Jiřího z Poděbrad, Flora?
A řikat o Žižkovu, že je to jedna z lepších částí! Uh!
je tam ticho a je to pri centre
:DDDDDDDD Ty krávo
I don't remember talking to you, so maybe you should keep your thoughts to yourself. As I said - judging from my previous (limited) experience, place I will be living in seems to be one of the better ones I had chance to see in Prague. However, what it seems and what it actually is are two different things, but it will be up to me to be a judge of that, I don't give a submarining fuck what you think.
Why so butthurt?
:D :D :D::D
Does your ass still hurt from that 3o3 you lost so hard? :)

PS: Not really, we played like this for a long time, just thought none of them would be avi, that kind of changed. But to such a fatass, cba to explain :)
Maybe you should join them?!
You are my only exception to the 'I don't play with 15y olds'-rule. :3
made my day :XDDD
made my day :XDDD
LMFAO you had to expect the fat fuck cheese sticks gamer with his high cholesterol hahaaaaaaaaaaaa
Make sure you create a team and join the league as soon as possible if you are playing. Sunday is the last day for signups.


edit: my flag should be australia, usa, italy, canada, and maybe zimbabwe just to be sure
good luck with your team BOBim8 <3
thx my baldm8 <3

You gonna play with polarbeers(hehe) or not? Would add u and let you know when the offi is and if u'd want to play you could :S
Just making the final decision of signing POLARb in the cup or not because Im pretty upset of all fakin forfeits we have got this season :(
No one will forfeit against us:D!
whats your lineup now?
Massively depends on availability.
ah ok :D could play some ladder games but nvm you got enuf peoplez
good luckz
Considering t4mj and martijn are certainly not going to be avi, dont think we got enough :D
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