one.more Cup #11

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15/09/2014 - Announcement Post
Date: 21st September 2014
Start Time: Earliest will be 18:00 CET, depends on sign ups (Games Streamed from 21:00 CET - UB Final, LB Final, Grand Final)
Minimum Teams: 4 (max probably 8 teams)
Tournament Structure: Playoff (Single / Double elim, depends on sign ups)
Maplist: Base, te_Delivery_b1, Escape2, Ice, Frostbite and Sub. (in future one day cups, new maps will be used)
Servers: EU (antilag = 0)

Tournament is for European players, you must have at least 3 players on your roster and a maximum of 4. If teams sign up with players outside of Europe they will be shortlisted as backup teams - if teams use non-EU players on the day to replace roster players they do so at their own risk (knowing EU servers with antilag 0 are to be used). If there are teams as backup and a team tries to replace a player with an non-EU player, the backup team will be offered the slot first.

Map and round rules
Maps are decided by elimination in games that are not on the stream, whoever eliminates first in the first set of maps selection elims first if a decider is needed (knife fight if neither team wants to eliminate first). Games are played AB or ABBA depending on the round in the upper and lower bracket, please make sure to check the bracket to see how your game is to be played. However, games on the stream will have a different way of map selection where the viewers get to pick the maps, including any deciding maps. Warwitch will shoutcast the UB Final, LB Final and Grand Final and will use a strawpoll in these games to decide what maps are played - We have added an extra elimination where Warwitch can eliminate any map (if he decides to) where we have either seen too much of it or we want a chance of something else being played - this is Warwitch decision on every strawpoll and may not even come into use - it is totally at WW discretion.

Round Rules: Depending on sign ups, Early Rounds of the Upper Bracket and most rounds of the lower bracket will consist of one AB round per map. (BEACH AB then ICE AB for instance - with each team attacking first in each game, if a decider map is needed it will be one round of AB again on whatever map is decided upon.) More info on this will come as sign up numbers are confirmed.

If you want to play, sign up as early as possible. Once we have 8 teams I may close sign ups and only allow back up teams in - first come, first served on signs ups.

Confirmed Teams:
Norway Violence Solves Everything - Norway riven, Sweden Lelle, Estonia ZeD and Finland caej
Europe noPressure - Norway kris, Estonia mata and Germany Oxy
Europe paui - Sweden Askungen, Latvia Clown and United Kingdom crumbs
Netherlands Houthakkers - Netherlands v4s, Netherlands vis, Netherlands max and Netherlands paard
Europe Men of Mayhem - Netherlands juncie, United Kingdom Lasher and United Kingdom razbo
Europe Elite - Poland h2o, United Kingdom mini, Poland lecem and United States of America parcher
Europe struggler esports - United Kingdom jam, United Kingdom razz, Finland olBaa and Netherlands mirage
Europe Flowerpower - Netherlands bully, Sweden Malmen, Sweden ozzy Estonia pudi
Norway Violence Solves Everything

Norway riven
Sweden Lelle
Estonia ZeD
Im avi for a decent team aswell =)
can't play anymore :(
Men Of Mayhem . Lasher - Juncie - Razbo
Flowerpower Bully Sirrka Malmen
Sirkka* =D
potaytoe potahtoe tomaytoe tomahtoe
Elite h2o mini Overactive Fantasy
Why are you putting my team on the backup list, we are gonna play on EU servers anyway, last cup there wasnt any problem.
QuoteTournament is for European players, you must have at least 3 players on your roster and a maximum of 4. If teams sign up with players outside of Europe they will be shortlisted as backup teams
You are doing as much as possible to keep parcher out of the cups dont you? All games are going to be on EU servers so i dont see the problem
If I didn't want parcher to play cups I organise I would have said no when you asked me to add him to your roster in the last cup - there were no back up teams so you were free to do so.

If the roster change you are asking for is legit then just be sure to understand that if you try to switch out a player for a non-EU player your cup slot will be offered to any backup teams first (if there are any).
Well it seems that youre trying to make it as hard as possible for him, since hes like the only NA player that plays with europeans. Just put us on the main sign ups.
gl VSE <3
paui - Clown, Crumbs, Askungen, TBA
Netherlands Houthakkers: Netherlandsv4s Netherlandsvis Netherlandsmax Netherlandspaard
nize effort merl and keep it active till the next 6on6 cup :D!!!

im gona make a suggestion for the future 3on3 cups anyway because its pretty obvious which team is gona win this cup alrdy if jam and company dont sign up and even if they do its a 2 team cup...

one.more DRAFT cup #12 with proper capts or even a 6on6 DRAFT cup... i belive that would bring a lil more fun and definitly some more competitive cup... probably some ET players would come to try it as well... dunno if its a stupit sugestion considering i never organized shit...

Dunno exacly when was the last one but i remember it was srsly fun :)...

maybe a draft 6on6 coming up - no idea when. would probably be the best way of getting people back into 6on6 :)

A draft cup is definately a good idea!

The skill gap between the two top teams and everything below is too big to get many exciting games other than the final.

With a draft cup the games would overall be alot closer, which would make it both for the viewers and players more thrilling games to watch & play.

New players joining the scene (such as from ET) or oldskool players coming back would also more likely stick around, not getting immediately spawncamped in their first games.

Where's king of drafts Lovjee when u need him??? :)
i even miss lovjee :)
Lovjee is still playing. rtcw 1.0 AOD DM you'll find him there pretty much 24/7 :)
struggler esports: jam, sqzz, olBaa, TBA
Im with you jam!
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