Need help stream pls

hi guys and girls

im starting streaming on Twitch with SKILL special force 2 , im doing it with OBS , i followed some tuto about OBS and stuff but i still got some problems .

when friends are looking mine stream on twitch , its pretty slow for them !! idk how because i have 4.98 Mb/s on upload
maybe its a bit less !!

If anyone can give me some tips about OBS and how to put right settings , it would be awesome !!

Thx for your time !!
image: obs_encoding
image: obs_adv

My settings for my stream, always received good comments quality and smoothness wise. You can check here: . This quality should be doable with your connection, if you get comments that it's still laggy/buffering on the viewers end, put the 'Max Bitrate @ 2500' and the 'Buffer Size @ 3000' This will lower the overall quality by a small margin but will make it easier for your connection to handle.
Thx a lot Adeto !! i will try !
hello again man!
yoooo szczurek sup ? you still playing ET ?!
ye, just back for this CG cup mate
i guess i wont be able to stream with 0,65Mbps right? I also tryied it several times but it wasnt smooth at all :/
Nope, I'd say you need at least 3Mbps upload to be able to stream in decent quality without having lag yourself in game.
damn it ok :/ ty
+ pretty decent pc.
i would say i have a pretty good pc, i just built one 6weeks ago with the best of the best^^ just my inet sux dicks...

This is a pretty good chart to see proper settings for stream, just select 1080p/720p source from bottom tabs depending on your ingame resolution.
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