fat avi perkele

So I was playing Fallcup with gymsharks becouse i like gym and shit, but the other day metzor told me his going to South Africa (not even joking) so i need a new team i guess.

-can play anything but fops like always
-Playing better when intoxicated
-my sleeping pattern is like 48h awake 20h sleep so im avi often
-made igi ragequit twice
-very much pocals such fame etcetc
-you thought i would write something useful but im gonna stop here

Finnish version:
päissään on kiva pelata mutku poliisikoira ei pelaa enää nii ei meinaa riittää into ja tarvii 5 random juoppoo, kiitos

bonus: [KPKP] pracnight -09
what?! when will u make me mad that much i leave vs you fatti fat ?:D moi vitty, fatti on homo schizofrenia wadafak
about every game? :D vitun malpahomo
i dont like the way you smell
Good luck FatcAt.
How did get used to such a sleep pattern?
smoke weed everyday, badum tssssssssss
how? couldnt sleep at night, had to deal with it so i dealt with it. :D
aletaaks ounaa low/+ tasolla?
en pärjää sellasille mestareille
Et nii ko mää ounaan kaikki siel :33
Hahahahha good luck against ebola metzor
ebola is a new clan ??
So is GYMSHARKS dropping out or what?
you think there's inet in South Africa? :-D
I think people should be courteous enough to at least let us know before dropping out in the middle of the season. :/
i think yes, dont know really. metzor just said that to me so i guess his not playing from south africa :D
dont be so sure fat nigga. maybe hes going to white house of some lord from south africa or he will live at the Cairo`s airport. anyway, think postive bitch, ull find some new mates
I can be of ET gaming when not of leagues of legendae, be of pm or irc
onks xfiree muuten vielä?
gl fatti
Elä ole niin masis aina :(
da best ever!
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