144hz problemo

I have Win7 64bit. For some reason, ET forces my screen to 60hz no matter what settings I change with my screen or in ET (r_displayrefresh 144, 120, 0 etc..). Does anyone know why this is? I have nvidia display drivers and a benq XL2411

it works fine in CSGO for example..

thanks all
Is the command r_dislpayrefresh only one time in your config?
Do you have r_colorbits "16" in your config? I had the same problem, solved it by changing colorbits to "32" or alternatively "0", it uses the desktop default value.
weird, that might have fixed it. thanks
I had the exact same issue with r_colorbits and I have the same monitor; it sucks for shooting through covert smoke screens but aside from that isn't a big deal. BTW consider using it at 120hz instead, because with a program called Strobelight you can eliminate most of the ghosting: http://www.blurbusters.com/zero-motion-blur/lightboost/
I tried the strobe light utility or something, it runs just fine but I don't notice any difference with it on or off. I have the correct firmware and stuff
I had this problem, tried a clean install and found ET was loading cfg files from C:\Users due to security.

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Compatible mode for XP, run as an admin, reset refresh rate to 144hz in windows after joining the game, ...
r_displayrefresh "0"

In your "Manage 3D Settings" in your NVIDIA Settings. Scroll to Wolfenstein ET, Than scroll to bottom and turn "Vsync" OFF

Your welcome (I use 144hz as well)
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