Help choosing a new monitor

Hello community,

It's time to change my old p2370 samsung, but got in a dilemma on what monitor to choose from this two :

From what i've read, the monitors use a different panel. The Dell use an previous ips panel(e-ips) model and the iiyama the newest ips panel (ah-ips)
The monitor is destinated for games in most and the day by day use.

Anyone use this monitors ?

Thnx in advance!
From those two I would say the Dell, I don't know the specific models myself but a RL friend has the Iiyama and he's always complaining about not having money to replace it because it's shit..

By gaming do you mean enthusiast gaming(for nice graphics) or competitive, because if you want better rates and less input lag you might want to get a TN panel monitor rather than IPS(which is alot slower :X)
Got IPS monitor at the moment and altho Im shooting nicely, the delay is insane.
The Dell got an input lag of 0.6, think it's Ok. I'm not an competitive gamer, playing sp games and ET pubing on some days, but i do like to have good quality and colors on the screen, Saw an ips on a friend, and must say that the colors are more realistic then my rusty TN. Wont sacriface the quality over the gaming :)
Yea that's what I ment, int hat acse you're better of with IPS panel like you chose :P was just wondering since most people here are more 'faster=better' minded :P
Got myself the Dell. It's what ive wanted : a better quality image then my rusty samsung on a low buget :)
Worth the 110€ on it :)
Cheers and thnx for the input.
I have Eizo FS2333 and FG2421 monitors - FS2333 is gaming-grade IPS monitor with very low latency. It has one big flaw - 60Hz only :( But it's a middle ground for casual gamers who wants nice color representation while maintaining some sort of gaming status. Plus it's very good for every day tasks and work as well.
On the other hand FG2421 is the end game for serious gaming, although not the cheapest one. I am pretty sure some "gaming" competition with TN panels from BenQ/Asus can be found for cheaper.
As gaming status goes I guess casual can settle for 60hz nowadays, but if don't want your hardware to be a 'bottleneck' as a more serious competitive gamer 120-144hz is pretty much become standard now.

FS2333 = IPS
FG2421 = TN (e: va)

Atleast if I recall right so that sorta proves the point I guess

e: ah no 2421 is VA, the literal middle ground of TN and IPS :P
hmm, I thought I stated somewhere that FG2421 is VA panel. Never the less - FS2333 is very good screen for gaming if you are not looking for top "serious gaming" experience and don't want to trade off overall picture presentation. It actually made more sense to get it for me back when I was playing on laptop - no dvi/displayport, so there is no way I would get 120Hz anyway.
I have a friend who plays with an external video card, just because that way he can have 120hz on his laptop with external monitor.
If u want monitor for gaming, 120/144hz is an answer.
Actually benq xl2411z is very good choice, fine quality, benq blur reduction which gets input lag under 1ms and low prize.
I know about the 120/144hz monitors, but the image quality (exept gaming) it's still sharp. + it's over the buget :/
and over that , i don't have a graphic card to support it :(
Monitor with another panel in the same prize wont even give u decent quality difference. Actually got gtx285 (6.5 years old) and it runs 144hz on 1080p.
Got the Dell, and imo it gives me alot of decent quality over the old samsung.It's what ive wanted.
Could get a hand on a 2411t next month, will see :)
Thnx for the advice .
Well, im comparing the new benq xl2411z to similar prized monitors with different panel, not to some old stuff.
benq 2720, without a doubt

always enjoy seeing this monitor being used at big lans. You might want to consider the 24'' version for fps gaming, I found the 27'' to be too big at first. I ended up putting the monitor further away, the 24 inch version might be more suitable for fps gaming.

Any other people find 27 inch too big for fps gaming?
Looks awesome, but im afraid i don't afford it atm.
I even find 24" too big :( good old 21" crt is where its at.
He said, benq xl2411z is over budget which is much cheaper than thisone.
Benq XL2411T
T is worse, older version of Z
omg another monitor thread.

You have to buy a 120/144hz (benq are pretty good)

if you cannot afford a brand new, go for a 2nd hand.

/END OF the thread
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In general, the higher the refresh rate and resolution of the monitor, the more expensive it will be.  If you want a large image and don’t plan to use it for gaming, the 22-inch monitors is probably the best choice. However, if you are a gamer, then you’d want to spend the extra money for a 24-inch monitor.
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