delete account?

I can't seem to find a link to delete my account. Is there a way?

EDIT: After some consideration I've decided I'm not emotionally ready to delete my account. Thank you all for help:).
First of, why would you ?
Stopped playing ET long time ago. From time to time I'm coming back to see how much of the community is left, and I only get melancholic because of that:).
you know you can read this shit here without an an account?

just don't visit this shit and your problem is solved...
It's easier said than done, my friend.
it's actually something admins have been requested to do for many years now - mostly people who ask to have their accounts deleted/deactivated are telling us it's because of bosses googling them, or wanting to remove their accounts from many websites across the internet and not only CF.

sometimes of course it's because they made an account and never actually used it. :P
Oh that's a shame :/
PM Artstar or MerlinatoR
thanks, probably I'll do!
your account is over 8 years old, i bet some newschooler will want to buy it.
That's a great remark, thank you, sir!
or buy 10 year old accounts from me
What kind of secrets are you hiding?
/q rito, he would love a 8 years account,
Rofl fu casek and iceq
just pm nejm im sure he would love to have an account like that
Im offering you a rune scimitar
Worthless for someone who doesn't play any RPG:)
selling my account (it has lot of fancy pocals u can get them with you!)

starting bid at 100€
I ll take it
Bitch please

Mine for 200e
You've also reserved Casillas' name, it's like the complete package.
good point there
It seems I brought about a new market:).
"EDIT: After some consideration I've decided I'm not emotionally ready to delete my account. Thank you all for help:)."

I feel you!
Selling my account:

- you are Friends with people like tosspot, sqzz, razz, heidenreich, schnee, lady, olbaa, matias, killerboy and many more
- you have +20000 profilehits
- 7 year and 6 month old account
- access to all sexy chick journals
I'm buying it 200€
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