2 new pc builds

So my dad and one of his friends consider playing games, maybe even ET again once every now and then for fun.

My job: Build two overpowered PCs

Unfortunately I am absolutely not up-to-date anymore when it comes to hardware, so I'm asking you guys for help! I haven't got a budget restriction and if anyone of you has ideas for creating these 2 sick monsters, I'd appreciate them!

Monitors will be: ASUS ROG Swift pg278q for both of them, due to that, GeForce graphics cards will be required in order to use g-sync.

I'm not exactly sure about how many graphics cards I should use, since I heard about mini lags when using two in a sli-bridge, maybe anyone of you has experience when it comes to this topic. But either 2 highend gfx cards or 1 ultra fucking high end gfx card is fine, depending on the mini lag. Maybe even two 'ultra fucking high end" -gfx cards :P

There will be 2 SSDs, 1 with 256 GB for the O/S, and a 512GB one for games + a 1TB HDD

I was also thinking of using Coolermaster HAF towers, since I've got good experiences with them. But everything else that looks decent and is good for cable/harddrive-management and cools properly is fine as well.

Also the CPU should be intel, but which series exactly doesn't matter as long as it's absolutely overpowered for any game :P Oh and yeah, How do you guys think about using 32GB RAM btw? Is there anything higher than 2000MHz usable atm without overclocking RAM? And if no, is it risky to OC above 2000?

Cooling can be either air or water based, but preferarbly should be water based, since it looks more badass and also should be able to keep an highly overclocked system cool =D

Sound should not be mainboard-based, thus I need proper sound cards. And of course I need the remaining components, except optical drives. Mainboard, RAM, power supply (probably bequiet?) and so on :D

Thanks for help in advance, I appreciate it!

What the fuck, did they just win lottery or wtf?
€5400 beast incoming
Nah, they're both surgeons who used to game during their college time

And it should stay realistic, since they're no hollywood studio that needs a 2000€ special cpu and a 4000€ gfx but the setups should be better than what every high end geek owns nowadays
The water colling system alone may cost more than €1000 considering that one block costs maybe even more than €200...
You'll still need to specify a budget. There are degrees of stupid for what you are planning.

You could get a perfectly fine high end PC for gaming without resorting to stupidity, by blowing most of the budget on GPU.

32GB is overkill, but you can get 2400mhz ram. And just forget about overclocking. If you have no budget buy something thats great at stock and you dont have to fuss around to get a few more MHz in RAM or CPU which wont end up affecting anything except system stability.

edit: rough calculation: i7 5960X - 1000, mobo + 32gb ram - 1000, all drives - 700, Nvidia Titan Z - 2500

Around 5k just for those components. Then add another 600-800 for case, psu, sound card. So you are looking at a ballpark of 4-6k euro per PC. More if you want to do water cooling.

And its not even workstation grade gear (like dual or quad xeon processors), which would be even dumber.
Titan Z? In my opinion pay over 2x more for bit higher performance than gtx 980 (i think 2x gtx 980 would be better way) or also more than the most powerfull gfx: radeon r9 295x2 isnt good idea.
1. there is better cases than HAF ones these days
2. whats the point of getting a Titan Z
3. yes there is ram running at more that 2k Ghz without OC
As everyone else already mentioned, give us a budget.

Realistically though, http://de.pcpartpicker.com/p/Dw2MmG something like that is probably in your ballpark, I quite honestly don't know what the fuck you'd possibly ever need it for, but... whatever.

Microstuttering is a huge issue though, it's a hit or miss, at times its manageable and eliminated entirely, others it's you smashing your face repeatedly against a wall for having spend 600e on an additional card. Though, I've heard of people claiming that Gsync has helped a lot in this case, especially so with the recent sale on the "970 sli package". It's a call you'll have to make. Either way if you decide to run a single GPU, stick to a 980 or switch to AMD. Titan's just not worth it.
I'm not as expert as you, but wouldn't two 970 in sli give you more overclocking room? Heard somewhere that 980 is okay-ish without clocking but horrible when oc'd?
Nah. An OC'd 970 will outperform a stock 980 by... maybe, 10% ish. 980's is overpriced, same as 780 and 680 and 580 was. Their "flagships" always are, which is why people tend to avoid it, most of the time the money is not worth the tiny bit of performance you gain. But since he has the money, and never gave us a budget to go by... why not? Also the 980, from what I've seen and read OC's perfectly fine :P
I'll talk to them about the microstuttering, thanks! For the GTX 980, are there are any modified versions that are worth being mentioned? For serveral other graphics cards I found an asus rog modification series named "asus rog matrix" which had great reviews
EVGA classified. not sure if it's out or even available in EU yet though. Haven't really been following, but definitely one to look out for.

thinkin to order at january 2015 unless there are reasons to wait more. thx.
let's say around 2500€ without harddrives

Currently thinking of getting a Intel Core i7-5820K with a proper water cooler in order to overclock it, since I read reviews where it got less hot when overclocking and showed a more stable performance than the i7-5930k.

Also I thought of placing two ASUS ROG Matrix GTX 780 ti in a SLI-bridge, after reading multiple benchmarks for sli combos.
FYI you'll be spending around 800-1200e for a decent water cooling setup.
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