GTA: San Andreas

I would like to get some help, because my searching ended up with failure.

As I found old CD with GTA:SA on it, I wanted to play it, but sadly the disc was damaged, but still I want to play it..

Downloaded approximately like 5versions but none of them worked for various reasons...
I wonder if there is someone, who has a working version of it, or link to where it get from? (can just pmme so you don't share warez :s )

Also! Like 2months ago I saw a site with a patch, that would make GTA: SA work on 1080p resolution! Some kind of pack! Does anyone know about that?


Would love a link for fully working GTA:SA singleplayer for Windows 7 64-bit OS version (to download ofc)

Danke schön!

image: Bz_eX2MCQAAFj1f
[PC GAME - XPVISTA7SEVEN] GTA - Grand Theft Auto - San Andreas
use google

or just buy it again
Bring back crossfire GTA:SA server
Best game ever
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