I want to play again

Hi guys,
I wanted to play ET again because it seems like there is still people playing it !
Can someone link me a good recent download link and maybe an anticheat one too?( Idk if people still play with TZAC)
Thx, do I need anticheat if I wanna play on NBS (if it's still alive)?
You need PunkBuster, which should automatically install with that version that SD has on it's site, otherwise just go to etkey.org and there is a fresh install of PB.
Yay thx guys!
See you in game
Are people that blind that they can't see the big DOWNLOAD ET button right next to adding content/journal...

List of active servers also stickied
Just wanted the latest download with pb included.. too lazy to sort google results.
wut it's right on here with a direct download?

afaik also with all the latest stuff
You fucking tell him mate
Should be a huge pop-up everytime you open crossfire
still wouldnt work for braindamaged ppl :s
We are dead here. Retarded to start playing. Welcome back tho.
you guys are fucking stupid, mocking people who are returning to this shit game we all enjoy, take what you can get and show a little respect, so what he missed the DL link? just tell him that and move on, no need for sarcastic comments
Why are you acting like such a feminist white knight? Jesus christ, sol would have banned you for that comment in the good old golden days

Good old days
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