S.K.I.L.L pretty good game !!

Hi cross peoples !!

i just come here by curiosity , its now some months ago i started new game : SKILL special force 2 , pretty nice fps game and FREE !!
I saw some old ET players on SKILL top level like Ati , joof , joop , metsuri.... i just come to know if some others are playing it under other names .

I really advice you to try it , there is #go4 cup every sundays with most of time 450$ cashprize on it , some esl tournaments like : allstars , amateur cup , esl euroseries ..... with all the time good cashprize !!

feel free to contact me here for more infos or if you want to try it !!

Thx a lot for your time

unKnights-esport eraz
hey hey juicyy !! pretty nice thx ! as you can see , im playing SKILL now and trying to find ET players on it ahah !!
you really need to try this game bro !!
No third-party software easy to get, so juicy wont play it
Looks like a wannabe CSGO / Cod Mix. Also: Iron sights. Shits' not competitive.
not competitive on SKILL ?! on the first esl euroseries skill , only one year after the game start , cash prize at 15k !! its pretty nice for a new free game no ?!!
Brink also had a 10+k esl series, that game turned out great too.
you are right. it looks just like Cod with a little CSGO shit init.
you really need to try it bro , i played a lot on cod and bf4 and i really can say its not same on gameplay because its more focus on counter mod , the move look like cod but since now you can do big jump and slide on call of , i can say SKILL isnt same as cod now , cod made the biggest error to change move on it , and the difference is its free game and not shit game like bf4 or the new cod at 50/60euros , peoples are crazy really !!
Thats not the point though. Iron sights simply ruin fps games and slow them down. Cod has never been more than some semi arcade shooter, nothing a fps player would ever consider competitive. Let's be real, the only fps game that is competitive atm is CSGO, maybe QL to some lesser extent, if it's still alive.

TLDR: Iron Sights and CoD-alike games = arcade shooters
Almost always there is ET players who are playing on the top in a new free fps game with some prizes. Similiar to AC and other free games that got shut down. Its funny its almost always the same guys also!
you like them anticheats
nono, i prefer arctic combat
this ati is everywhere :O
so basicly players who actually sucked in ET moved to some free horrible shit game where they can stand a chance?
tell me more
im ok with you because i left ET because of mine skill !! but i dont think this is the reason for everyone , honestly ET is now about 3o3 only , only 4 maybe 5 teams are fighting on 6o6 , or then for some cups without cashprize !! i really loved ET , but now on ET if you want to play 6o6 its always against same team or you need to like 3o3 mode.

and to finish , i dont think players like Ati , joof or others switched on SKILL because they sucked on ET !! they just understand the game is definitely dead !
and yet all of them were better than u
yes, how heartbreaking

image: image
lol what a reply and comment in the 1st place, u man sound like butt-hurt. the fact is that they were better than you, and always will be, yet u make comment "shit players move to another game" :D whats ur point?
i think the point is the comment :D its pretty straightforward
but it doesnt make any sense, so there has to be another point made.
I don't understand that logic.
I'm not aloud to tell players that they sucked in something?
you are so shit yourself, yet you call better players shit. I just dont remember acting you like this
Why are you so mad over a comment like that? :D You remind me of Clown* :D. He raged so much when I made my point on mAus's cheating case. Clown got so mad, defending mAus, like he was his fatloss trainer all over these years.
Chill out, they sucked in ET (:
because I feel offended! I moved myself to another game and I guess that comment includes me too, and I pwned ur ass loads of times <3 and those dutch guys were cool and great players. I would understand if you called some random wannabes like that.

tbh ET is dead for about a year already, its time for you to understand that!
You don't have to feel offended, because I don't even know who you are. Even if I did, I wouldn't give a tiny rat ass about it.

Accept my first comment, the concept is not going to change.
Maybe he wanted to say that, he moved to some free horrible shit game?
afaik ppl like ati and joof are just moving games, to play wherever they can earn some prizes
downloaded, completed tutorial, lf mid+ team image: 1

add lefrancis u mofos
u re too late =)
to late for what ?
yoyo i play too sf2 with kaufje and co!!!!!!
yooo , you can add me on skill ---> eraz and on esl ---> eraz

nice to see guys playing it !!
i will french bro!
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