online Hearthstone price tournament

Game Fist online price tournament

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Dear crossfire community.
We Game Fist are Hosting a hearthstone tournament.
This tournament will take place once a month.
A this moment we have 15 people who confirmed for the tournament.
So we need at least 5 more players before the tournament can take place.(the brackets will come online if at least 20 players have confirmed)
The more players we have the higher the price money will be of c.

Like we said its a price tournament.
these are the top 3 rewards if we have 20 players :
1st place 100 euro
2nd place 75 euro
3rd place 50 euro

There will be give a ways for people who watch the stream.

To participate we ask 15 euros.

The money that's left will be used for the next tournament.So we can make the price money higher.(with the same amount of players)

participate: fill in this form

questions? mail to

website :
Wanne participate?

Sì José
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