Bobika. For kicking everyone who pwns his ass and claims he cheat.
Haha, I rarely claim anyone cheats, but nice making shit up.
Well you accused me of cheating, for pwning your ass xDdDDdD
No, I didn't.
You would know xD i know under what nick you kicked me. And after you kicked me i made a journal here about you, but because of the words i used it was deleted. So you may refere they were not nice...
Nope, I don't know. And as I don't know who you are nor I care, I wouldn't accuse you of cheating, but live in your delusion, I don't care really.
Me, im getting kicked for unknown reason ;_;
You already know.
its fucking bobika for muting me when I say he is the admin of the server in french
I hate the ref, such a fucking cunt.
Patr!k, cheaterlower
+1 that 24/7 MGing faggot
everybody who owning
NBS still online? ;o
CorpseFaggot I guess. Every once in a while that I play, he's there. Biggest nerd.
why would you hate him 8(
He's the only one I remember from pubbing back when I played regularly. Also seems like everyone adopted his passive play (camping) playstyle. Pubbing feels way different now, as everybody is just corner camping, waiting for people to push in. Once they get caught offguard, you can simply rek them, as there are barely any good aimers left (at least on NBS).
Yuri today, 40 mg kills with 30acc. lol.
CzukweBukweAmbalabamba ;d
who is bobika?
i ruszyƂ Pan M zaraz poleca obelgi narozniejszego kalibru
meehow and his armwatch spawntimer :|
Bobika,becouse he ban me coz i call him child.trolololololo.
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