Minimum requirements for stable 125 fps

Hello everyone

I'm planning on getting custom build pc, and would be nice to finally have stable 125 fps in every map, since I've been playing with unstable 76 fps (in reality 76 fps only in supply other maps 50-60) for ages. So, would be nice if someone who has more knowledge about computers could advise a bit what CPU, gfx card etc. to get.

Also would be nice if ppl could write here what kind of pc's they have and what kind of fps you get.

Current situation looks like I'm going for this setup:

CPU: AMD Athlon II X4 740 Quad Core 3.2GHz
RAM Memory: 8GB
GFX Card: Radeon R7 260X 2GB


Pretty much every half-decent laptop made after 2010 gets 125fps easy.
Are you playing with low detail cfg?
Well my windows looks like windows 98, my all gfx settings are lowest possible etc. still cant get even stable 76 fps except on supply.

Current PC is AMD Athlon 3600+ 2.3ghz with integrated gfx card and running on windows xp, it's 8 years old now.
I have 8years old PC and I have 125fps on every map lol
have you upgraded any parts ?
Didn't touch anything in it for 7/8years (maybe just changed the GFX card because it was defected)
depends on the cpu. if INTEL, then ye .. no prob with the fps.
old amd's have some fucked up problem .. and lack the hyperthreatning feature.
I've got old AMD :D
which model, wihch socket, how many cores, what frequency, how many ram, what os?
AMD Phenom II X3 720
that's not old bobika :D ...
AMD Phenom II x4 965BE here.

rong prolly has .. ohboy forgot their names. 64fx or so. or even older
I have AMD Phenom II x4 N950 on my laptop and I struggle having 76 fps :)
Phenom II was published 2008 so it is 7 years old in matter of fact. But on my personal opinion phenom II was only "good" processor amd has made.
yeah .. it lags sse4.1 and some other stuff.
found out some months ago .. where i actually needed for music production.

i might get a new am3+ cpu soon .. just dont know which
If you got money to get Intel i5 or better I highly recommend it
well, i won't change the motherboard. it's a good board, and well only for amd :/

maybe ill go for intel someday :)
That is a shame. Intel is indeed way better if you can afford 200e or more for CPU. Below that I would rather go some quad core AMD than dual core i3.
effording it isn't the problem. just wasn't an intel fan and always had hope amd would finally come up with a kickass cpu again.

now it seems amd is really coming up with something interesting.

but until then i might go for an intel
Yeah it is a shame, i also hoped for AMD to do some good work with their CPU's and phenom was somewhat matching to intel at their price range before they published sandy bridge.
well amd wants to pull off some cpu/gpu fusion power stuff.
which is a new way of fuckin massive computing.

not apu .. where you have a cpu with an integrated gpu,
both working for themself .. rather more, both working as one.
That does sound good but i wonder how powerful they can get it. I'm sure it is useful for laptops but I doubt it will work in hard end gaming and good graphics.
That does sound good and interesting :)
yup... lets just hope they'll do it right this time and really bboost the hell out of that project :)

i mean, a gpu computes tons faster than a cpu ..
now both combined so that the power of the gpu bboost the cpu language/computing ..

what more do you need? :D
I bought new computer a month ago, haven't sell old parts yet. You can buy them if u want to:

MB: Asus M4A87TO EVO
CPU: AMD Phenom II X4 965BE @3,4ghz
GFX: Sapphire Radeon HD6870 1GB DDR5
RAM: 6GB Corsair XMS3 DDR3 1600mhz

+ you can get my old keyboard, mouse and mousepad(Logitech G15, MX518, Razer Goliathus Alpha) for free (those are used but working normally).

All of those parts are working normally and haven't been overclocked or anything. Just make an offer.
i've ordered a logitech g502s .. hope it'll be worth the money and better than the g500 ??
G502 has the best sensor available which is the most important.
are you using it?
G502 is stupid choice for fps player, way too heavy, too big, too many buttons, gay looking. But it has the highest performanced sensor pixart pwm 3366 so its the best choice for heavy, big and gaylooking mice customers. Im going to buy roccat kone pure military, zowie ec2-a or deathadder chroma.
i had the first roccat kone and was disappointed .. sold it a week later.
i dont care how the mouse looks like. and, too heavy?? its light .. 121g .. not much :D
and its not made for big hands!
So u had first roccat kone from 2007 and it dissapointed u... so all other roccat kone mice must be bad till the end of world.
ofc!! . if a product disappointed me, then i won't try anything else of this brand.
it actually didnt disappoint. more, the mouse just didnt suite me well.

2007? .. why 2007?... lol wtf

i still have that :D .. and had a speedlink kudos. which i gave away, though. coz i had the g500.
Roccat kone came out in 2007, their first product near mousepad: taito. Why do i think ur logic is retarded completly? Roccat is great example, they kept improving and bad scroll, which was their biggest defect in first mouse is actually their biggest advantage, they got the best scrolls available.
i bought it in 2010. and still .. it's my taste, my opinion .. i didn't like it.
nor do i like any razer mouse!

and do i call your logic retarted about your opinion of logitech mice ??
make sure to have like 8gb ram (u will be using win7 or win8.1 64bit) ..
would be useless using a 32bit os! on a 64bit environment you can do much more. have tons of stuff runnin and so on.
thus, the 8gb of ram. which is, for today's pc standards, not much.

as i'm a pure amd fan, i got me an amd quadcore cpu. that was some years ago. it lags sse4.1 instructions.
so i suggest you to get either one of the brand new amd cpu's or simply an intel cpu.
it's on you wether to get a quadcore, hexacore or an octacore cpu. the more isn't really the better as
you wouldn't be able abusing all that power anyway.

for graphicscard, that's on you aswell. some say ati(amd) are top notch, other love nvidia.
but here's the trick.. if you go for an ati(amd), i suggest to get a whole amd environment!

soundcard isn't that important nowadays as most good motherboards have good sound onboard.

so, if you have all that, have a decent OS installed, make sure you don't have stupid fancy, unneccessary
programs running. if you're well knowledged with windows, make sure the affinity of ET.exe is set to all cores.

that's actually about it. oh, and r_primitives 2 .. :)
Et uses 128 mb ram as default -.- hunkmegs set to 512 is way too much for et already...
budget? Any decent single core performance will get you 125fps. Hell, I can run ET off my integrated HD4000 and get 125fps. Don't listen to naablets suggesting HT or even upgrading RAM. OC that cpu a little or get a cheap duo core with ~2.8+, you'll be fine. Above all make sure you're not overheating. A little cleaning can do wonders.
why shud he buy old hw if he can get new hw for cheap money? lol :)
Because budget? Not to mention that there's a low budget processor series out there? ie. Intel Celeron G1820, ~45e duo core 2.8ghz haswell, which would be more than enough to run ET on. Not everything has to be a 5930k.
he didnt say it has to be darn cheap .. and i've also suggested an intel cpu :)
No, but asking for the MINIMUM requirements of a 12 year old game very much implies that this person is not willing to invest in a high-end rig.
It's not about the minimum, it's just that I was wondering what would be the minimum requirements to run every ET map with stable 125 fps.

And yes, I have no need for any intel i7 or amd hyperubercore processors and thousand euro gfx cards, because mainly all I do on pc is search stuff on google, listen spotify and play ET. Since ET is pretty much the only game I play.
Got few options, buying BossHK's old gaming gear or buying single core Intel Pentium 4 3.8Ghz processor for CPU and some decent gfx card and making a whole new pc. But seems like BossHK's old gaming gear would be the most obvious choice and quite decent.
Ostat bosshk ja uuden näyttiksen niin rullailee hyvin
I can show you maps on silent server where no pc can get 125 fps :D

must be maps which have been very badly compiled? :D
U never played jaymod with 50 ppl on some open map, gl getting 125 there even with 1k pc :D
>having 76 fps on a 12 year old game

i shiggy diggy doo
Pretty much what Oxy said:

CPU with good single core performance (2,5Ghz should do it :P).
GPU: Even my work laptop with its Intel HD graphics gets 125fps stable.
My 4 years old laptop's GPU reaches 999fps.

Playing on a laptop for ~8 years now and all of them were able to easily get 125fps/120Hz stable.
Another important question is, what Monitor do you have and at what resolution do you want to play ?
Which r_mode do or did you play ? or do you play at custom mode ?

The lower the resolution the better chance of having 125 fps at every map.
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