My New track

which programmes do you use? im failing with my traktor shadabum
ableton live 9 suite and NI massive synth :-)
Fostrum ga je naar lan?;) heb fops of engirifle nodig. Hoor hetwel
normaal ga ik al met eron zen team
Goed!mocht er iets veranderd zijn Hoor ik het graag
Try to mix better, u use headphones?
SOunding not good :(
yeah I know. I use monitors. Mixing perfectly is not that simple with a lot of layers and im still very new to the business :p
don't listen to him. he most probably doesn't know shit about audio mastering!!

i'll take a listen!

if you want i can master it for ya .. just need everything as single / seperated audio tracks :)
sounds good mate :) 4,5/5

that fostrum track sounded awful, just as a feedback dont get rage'ddd
he just has some mixing issues. wrote him a pm what to fix and so on. :)
mixing/mastering is not as simple as setting some notes in a pianoroll :D

4.5/5 .. thanks :) .. check out promiseland (tEiS dawn mix) .. :P
not bad
Gij biest
Interesting post i love it keep posting more! fencing tulsa
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