The Game OF Fame ( 5v5 tournament )

The game of Fame !

League of legends 5 vs 5 Tournament.

how to sign up :

1. go to the Facebook page of Game Fist. ( )

2. Join the Game Fist group.

3. post your Team on the page ( Team name / players / divisions )

4. sign up on

The sign ups are for free and will be closed on 27/02/2015

You can follow the sign ups on our website our on

The tournament :

The tournament starts on 28/02/2015

the tournament will continue with a normal bracket system.
this is not a 1 day tournament !!
the date and hours of the matches will be posted on Facebook and on our website. (so keep checking , so you know when to play )

Prices :

1st place: 3200 RP & Triumphant Ryze skin for every player
2nd place: 2400 RP per player
3rd place: 1600 RP per player
4th place: 800 RP per player

Live stream :

some of the games will be live streamed. ( the finales will always be on our live stream)
there will be a few give aways on the stream so keep watching. ( 840 RP) we will let you know how to win this give away through the

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