DoubleDutch Dragons recruiting for LAN

The DoubleDutch Dragons are recruiting players for the upcoming Enemy Territory Reborn LAN.

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With the LAN only being a month away and the ex-polish team falling apart for the LAN, I decided to recruit other players.

What we need from you:
  • Be available 16 - 19 April for the LAN event;
  • Be available for practice days set by the teamcaptain;
  • You will need to pay for your own entry ticket;
  • You will need to pay for all other residential costs at LAN.

What we can do for you:
  • We can support you with a gameserver that you can use for practice;
  • We can support you with teamspeak;
  • We can support you with Dragon jerseys for the LAN (must be returned after the LAN, or pay €20,- and you can keep it and you will have your name/nickname embroided on back);
  • A well-organized community that can support you in other ways (media/promotion/help-support).

If you are 100% about coming to the LAN please send me a private message. I will create a line-up and appoint a teamcaptain.

Let's go guys!

TS3: or
Nice and ofcours I wish you all the best in forming a team
QuoteWe can support you with Dragon jerseys for the LAN (must be returned after the LAN)

image: drj1NmK
See you at LAN, oh.. nvm
how can I recognize you if there gonna be at least 7 people in DDD jerseys without names that some other fatties wore before? also you meant this lan with 7 teams? or the one that won't happen?
Dunno why you are still even around. You are ever so useless. Someone should remove you from GTV/CF you contribute 0.

No wonder you "dunno why" since you are here for like 2 or 3 years. np
And yet achieved more than you being organizer of tournaments and events for ET.
organising a random cup before you even knew about Crossfire counts as much as all of your "achievements"
took u two years to realize that :)
No man. Took me 2 years to tell him in personal. I always found him pretty much useless to the ET community as an admin. Nowadays he's just roaming around posting flame comments here and there and that's basically it.
Well no idea why u even held it up for so long, trash like that needs to just be removed then dropped into random corner where he can be useless for himself only..
Hmm, I just think he should be removed from GTV/CF as he is not contributing to anything and his behavior isn't in line with how an admin should behave. But that's not my call.
I said that exact same thing years ago, no one really cared, doubt anyone will now lol.
It's the current state of ET. Decent admins are not really needed as the community is small. [*] light a candle
You won Crossfire today.

image: drj1NmK
I am avi. Pm
I think you should support the cheaters you allowed to come and play there.
Quoteex-polish team falling apart

strong lan dodge
Someone creat a new Poll: What could be the goal of Timbolina with those jerseys?

1, Nothing, DD just b1tches with it's own players about 10 euro
2, He wanna sell them as treasures in some kind of DD shop
3, New members who attend 2016 LAN with DD can use them aswell
4, There must be something perverted behind

If this is wasen't your idea Timbolina, I am Sorry and I didnt mean to flame you anyway, but this is the most pathetic thing a Multiclan could do. Not to say I see such sponsors: Samsung, Roccat... I didn't say anything if they you are sponsored by a random Samsung shop from North Korea or Mongolia.
We have had teams who go to LAN once under Dragons, steal these jerseys and they are never heard of again. So you will lose about €200,- for a team that contributes pretty much nothing to the organisation. These sponsors have nothing to do with the jerseys.

Organisation policy which I understand.
Fck those thieves, but DD shouldn't ve picked randoms.
This is not a Dragons initiative, but mine.

Happens a lot to all organisation that people just play for support and then don't want nothing to do with the organisation.

Why not buy 10 nameless jerseys that you can rotate amongst all these teams who are here to go to LAN once? I don't see a problem there.

Once a team goes more often to LAN then you can support them with jerseys/and €€.
Why you pick teams you dont trust? :D
Lol, you do trust the teams. This can happen with any team.

I don't know why you see a problem in this. It's just all extra's we offer.

I am out
You wont lose 200e, thats what you will pay for the team to represent your mgc at lan. Really borrowing the jersey for lan event is super weird idea unless you think some nerds would find it exciting to play in your nameless jersey.

image: b9d

Good luck finding the right players!
Why would anyone represent your team when they can't even keep your jerseys? You can easily get a gameserver and ts3 anywhere. You have pretty much nothing to offer.
avi if I can keep a DoubleDutch Dragons™ jersey
I guess I'm missing something here, because I don't really understand why this is getting criticism at all. Like, no one is being forced to join the organization. I might agree with you if timbolina was planning to run around during the LAN forcing his jerseys onto people and tearing them off like a madman, but for some reason I don't think that is going to happen.

If you don't like it, then don't join. They are offering things for free and some of it will be returned at the end of the event. Why is that such an issue? It's like complaining because you only got a 1-month free trial of Netflix instead of 6 months. You're still getting free stuff. Would you rather receive nothing at all?
Why would anyone join when they dont get basicly anything in return?
Well atleast its better than making lies or empty promises on what you can deliver!
If my thread was about me making a random LAN team without organisation no one would care, lol. I don't see a problem here.

^ What ohurcool said.
I like the initiative of you stepping up to form a team for LAN but you're not viewing this entirely through from a player's perspective.

The probability of this actually working out is highest when six somewhat skilled and known individuals sign up to play together. However that is only going to happen if they get something of value in return (= travel or entrance expenses covered) and what you're offering is unfortunately of no use to them. If six players who only want to visit LAN to meet up with their online friends & enjoy the experience they would have done that without outside help (catinahat for instance). ET community can pull out a surprise though and prove me wrong :P

I hope this initiative works out but I'd say the chances of that happening are very unlikely :[
Dude we gonna win the LANs!
Wish you GL with that timbo, ignore the whores. This is just the internet and people need to say one mean thing per day through this website or youtube comment section.

And don't worry about the fanatic guy, I think there are more people thinking that you helped ET and its community passed few years than the contrary.

xx <3<3
Lol wtf haters gonna hatexd if u don't like then u don't like! Why the complain? I don't think this is anyone's loss
good chance for teams who were going anyway to get some online support before the LAN. Im sure everyone wants LAN support but this is ET.. in 2015.
Yeah, already back in 2012 it was extremely hard to find LAN support. Worked really hard towards getting LAN support for Finlantic6 before AEM and reached out to tons of organisations with a well prepared presentation of our team, but only a handful even replied back. Couple orgs were interested and discussed it further, but decided not to take us in the end. These days it should be impossible without having really good connections.
yup pretty much, unless you have some established reach there is nothing to gain. organisations having X team go to X lan and win means pretty much nothing unless the game is a huge esport - ET teams could still get support if say they had facebook / youtube / twitter reach monthly in 5 figures I think, those numbers are what most orgs will look for especially on a game they know little to nothing about. ;)
CF community should be happy an organisation even wants to lend their name to this minuscule, zero-to-none exposure game. Regardless of what it wants to offer. Some people on here seem to think that an ET team, even if it was the best 6 players in the world atm, have anything to offer to an organisation xD. All the statements like 'you basically offer nothing' and 'travel and entree cost' would be valid points if this was a game that gets 10K/100K audiences. Name any well known/established organisations in the last two years that have provided travel+entree fee/more? The last ones, and I don't even know details on what they actually provided, I think are Anexis/Decerto/K1ck/Dignitas which was around ~2011/2012 with Adroit LANs...

tl;dr get your heads out of your ass spoiled idiots and accept that the game is nearing its death and at least some org wants to provide anything at all.
Wow it's been a while since I've seen a comment filled with such rash conclusions. Also everyone here with functioning brains knows that ET is nothing in comparison with the current big online games and that ET's activity is ever decreasing. This thread is about an organization recruiting for LAN (emphasis on the word LAN) and they can only provide you with online support which is quite lousy. Who do you think gets the sweeter end of the deal?
first of all I'm not replying the original post, im responding the people that feel like an organisation should offer more than what is being offered here. The sweeter end of the deal is the team for getting the opportunity to play under a somewhat established name. No matter which way you try turn it, any organisation supporting ET at this point is simply charity as there is no real gain for them by supporting such a small community/game, apart from a 'social aspect'. As someone who has been involved in some established MGC's at different levels it just strikes me as a complete joke how some people here respond to threads like this one, regardless of which ways of support the teams provide.
Yes, because people want to join a MGC for the name. Prestigious name like this!
You are right that we are at a point where no one is gonna support ET, except from maybe their own good will (maybe it was like this always). However that just means theres no point in joining any MGC. This is my view, shared by a lot of people, theres no need to get butthurt about it!
I dont really see a problem in the original post, but these type of comments here are fucking hilarious. I loved the comment where some previous teams of DDD were accused of "stealing shirts", when they broke up after LAN.
Keep up the good work..
That depends on how you define 'no point'. You seem to define it as 'i still have to pay for myself = not support'.
There are plenty of people that would say playing under a MGC, however known or prestigious, would like to add to their experiences. Not every gamer gets to play for Dignitas or other legendary organisations, but some would like to have that experience in some way, and ofcourse DDD is not Dignitas but they can provide a fun group of friends something similar to that experience. No-one here is butthurt, I just feel like some people need to learn to appreciate what they get offered rather than just start complaining about things they really shouldn't complain about. The thing with the shirt looks silly from one perspective but not every organisation has the money to just throw stuff around so I can understand the idea(eventhough I disagree with it, as myself having run/managed MGC's just for credibility of your organisation looking poor).

My comment wasn't just about DDD, I've done sponsor2team relations for Decerto and did small things for winFakt. I ran ONEMOVE.ESO for over a year as-well and with that I even provided LAN support to a CS, COD and an ET team, but the ET teams kept complaining that they wanted more and more, where the other games where just happy to get any support at all(small because I ran that project just for myself to learn more management skills and paid it all from my own pocket). It really is just a spoiled attitude that a lot of people here give to others(happens in these kinds of things but ESL and the whole AC situations are examples aswell).

edit: I'm not in any way working or related to DDD btw, don't know if you ment the 'keep up the good work' was meant towards me in that way just looked like it :D Also im not disagreeing with you that some of the replies from timbo don't make DDD look any better :P but you cant blame him, hes just the messenger from DDD (no hard feelings tim :D)
I'm just a regular competitive online player, and I don't have bad feelings towards anyone, my comment is only my point of view, so don't hate me . :D
I think that the initiative is pretty nice from DDD, gameserver, ts and the multimedia platform promotion. However this "we can lend you a t shirt" thing sounds really stupid. If the organisation doesn't want to use up expenses by creating unique shirts for their team, don't even mention it. I mean, it's like if someone gave you an ice cream in your hand, which you can hold during the whole lan weekend, but not eat it, then either give it back , or eat it, but pay 20 bucks (expensive ice cream np).
Simple as this, if you have something that you dont really want to offer to a team, don't even mention it I think. :)
QuoteSimple as this, if you have something that you dont really want to offer to a team, don't even mention it I think. :)

Players can chose to wear a Dragon jersey for the weekend. That is an offer.
Ice cream - or any other food for that matter - is something which is consumed once and cannot be re-used, so that's a rather poor illustration. Compare it instead to playing for a high school sports team and being required to give your jersey back at the end of the season (that's how it worked in my school, at least). You still get to play as a member of that team and wear a shirt which identifies you as such, even if it's just for the duration of the sports season.

Which brings up another good point... would any of you actually continue to wear the DRGN jersey after the LAN if you were allowed to keep it? I sincerely doubt it. People like Poland fanatic don't even use an offline nickname with their BNC for fear that others may pick up on how much time they spend on IRC. There's no way someone like that would wear a gaming t-shirt in public.
Ice cream can't be reused? Haven't you seen 2 girls 1 cup?
it's 5-10 min per week. I'm sure you have exactly same thoughts about Marcus and others who don't change nicknames on their bncs :-)
any kind of support from a sponsor should be appreciated, its ET 2015..
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