new track

Hopefully better mixed than previous :p

the sound in the back ... the highpitched saw .. abit too loud .. lateron, the lead .. abit too loud.

i recommened you the following:

fabfilter: pro-q, pro-mb, pro-c, pro-l .... first is an eq, second is a multiband comp, third is a comp, latter is a limiter.
or get ozone 6 ...

if you need any help about these plugs and/or mastering .. hit me!
Thx for the info (again) :P
check pm :)

the q valies i said, were guessed.. bbut were way off .. :D .. but i got the values, if needed.

and nothing to thank me for.. anytime .. im glad to help when it comes 2 muzak
stop acting pro, like you know shit about producing music :P
unfortunatly i am pro in that stuff.. i might not be pro in gaming :D

but love you, too old brah ..
innocent until proven guilty... show me you are pro in producing music.
is dat allemaal jou muziek fostrum? Op je soundcloud channel? Kek man!
journal worthy...
I actually like it, now it just needs some voice and a bit more commercial feeling into it. Now about the highpitched saw and the lead u need to add the same notes but on a lower octave to give more power into it, also decrease a bit its volume, but not as much as kuraigu says lolz.
a voice? you mean vocals? o_O
off course :p
where did i say how much? :D . ..

he could actually also add a shuffled arp to the lead in the end .. pingpong panned
leuk! :D
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