CS:GO - pronic's movie

Hello all,

I made this CS:GO fraghighlight, it contains all sorts of clutches 3K/4K/5K from FACEIT & MM.
My music choice has been divers, because I enjoy all kinds of genres and I prefer it this way.
First go on some actual effects, but I have kept the edit as clean as possible.
I did not want the movie to exceed the length of 5 minutes, therefore I had to do a lot of content editing.

Was watchable at first song, 2nd song turned it off instantly :/
ahah that music idd :XD
whats his skill? doesnt look really impressive tbh

and i really didnt like the music
MGE/DMG and FACEIT level 7-9
what is level 7-9?
judenstern ^^

10 is highest, I am level 8 right now.

If you can't login, make an account. I am sure you will enjoy playing FACEIT more than MM really. MM sucks! FACEIT also offers some nice system and other events that are interesting. Good luck!
Have you played ESEA and if you have which one would you prefer? Since FACEIT got that free thing and then premium ship and stuff, ESEA is pay only, so would that make it more cheater free or so? Anyway give me your honest opinion please, not going to pay for both at least!
ESEA is better, since it has its own anti-cheat software. FACEIT however is comparable, just not with the anti-cheat. BUT ESEA has been around longer and has its reputation of great pugs/system. I would definitely go for ESEA.
what rank you would prefer having in MM before going ESEA? :)
Any rank really, but silver or gold to ESEA would be a huge skill difference.
I've played ESEA before, both league and PUGs, I had the fortunate situation to come from CoD4Promod and already compete at the (semi)top, so to get there and play well enough to keep yourself pleased wasn't too hard.
I'd recommend you to definitely try it whenever you feel like you understand the game well enough that you can be aware of what's going on. I guess most players above MG2 should have that experience already, but it really depends on the players theirselves. Some folks seem to not understand the game well enough and yet achieve higher ranks.
Long story short, ranks don't matter much, the MM system is kinda bad. ESEA should be played whenever you feel you can compete with med/med+
Hmm, I thought about gaining first DMG before going ESEA, but will see now then!
good luck and have fun man.
MGE or DMG at least, else you'll get wrecked
ESEA >>>>> FaceIT

also: don't queue for MM without having a 3-man lobby at least, 5 recommended though
thanks, I've been playing active for a round 2 months, mg2 atm, and yes I know its better having more on lobby than going with russians, but lacking 5 stable players so its most likely always 2-3 man lobby. But I don't really care if I lose, if I notice I could have done better also. No point in ranking up if you can't keep your skill stable
It's more : be sure to be 5 if you wanna queue for MM and get facerolled by some cheaters.
nah, not really
not for me at least :P
whats your skill? ;)
guess u got the joke eh *wink* *wink*
Im not that good, playing for 2 month maybe and i am ranked gn3.
prac hard go pro!! :3
we should play some time again :]]
what is with that FOV
That is my actual ingame setting, don't bother yourself too much with it, it doesn't change the game anyway.
+/- compared to the first movie? Thanks in advance.
Wasn't too bad I guess, the music was fucking awful though :D
What's with the dynamic light(?)/brightness on mirage at the end?
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