music prod !!

For peoples singing rap , there is some prods from my best friend thibz el renardo !! This is a 7 titles and soon a 20 titles will come !!

Enjoy , feel free to contact me for infos !!

You also can send me link with your rap , would be awesome for us !!

This is exemple from a canadian guy who made a song with one of our free prod called "Charlie" :

Thx a lot for your time crossies !!
Yo, I'm interested. I like some of the beats on the bandcamp page. You can listen to my stuff at - - www,

We're actually putting together an album and I can send you some tracks that we have completed already, might be better than the ones uploaded. But since we need tracks to use on an album our beats need to be exclusive, if that's cool with you guys, let me know.
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So fucking good song my friend! Yo yo lol
Sorry I am listening to J-Dilla atm so no turning that down
Various - Beatillz Open Mic-session (exerpt)
ripped from; (

image: 2441_cgeu-322k-CJ-cg-shot0001
If you have access to a real drum kit (instead of synthesizers), always use it. If you're going for a certain kind of sound, then a synth kit can be better, but it will never sound as nice as a real kit. If you've got a computer, always use MIDI over audio samples. It's better to play the MIDI parts on a keyboard than to use audio samples.
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