What Logitech mouse is best mouse?

Hello xfire,

in recent weeks my loyal servant's Logitech 400 performances has been dropping off, hence I am looking to get something new in. Being very much satisfied with my previous Logitech products I intend to stick to this brand and found 3 new candidates:

Logitech 400s | 57 EUR: it does look very similar to the 400 model therefore I will probably not spend much time getting used to it, the price though is double of what I paid for the MX518 back in the day.

Logitech 402 | 34 EUR: looks very futuristic and weirdly shaped, though I read it doesn't feel all too different from the g400. The price seems fair.

Logitech 502 | 53 EUR: similar shape to model 402 but apparently of higher quality. More expensive but it seems to be the most popular one from the three?

Has anyone moved from a G400/MX518 to either of these mice and can share his opinion? Or any personal experience with any of the three?


My Flatmate uses the Logitech 402. Very low weight and it lies perfect in your hand. I would give it a go. Seems like a nice mouse tbh.
QuoteWhat Logitech mouse is best mouse?

wtf do you want with your quote?
he asked for the best logitech mouse, not for the one u saw.
He asked about my opinion on the mouse and i told him about the Logitech 402. So hard to read, huh?
but its bad.
not that much but not worth of buying compared to competitive products
My ass. Used MX518 for almost 7 years and bought g402 after it. If you have used 518/g400/g400s for years, the g402 will fit in your hand like a glove.
im talking about sensor.
Ah then my bad. Anyhow, g402 has the best sensor after g502's sensor imo.
have u ever used pwm3310 or good implementation of adns 3090? dont think so.
Thanks Deniz! I'm favouring the X02 ones too, but not sure if I should spend the extra buck and go for the 502 or not!
I dont know the 502, so I cant tell you anything about it. You should go to the store and test every mouse with your hand. Buy the one which feels most comfortable!

good luck with it :)
it depends whats do u like, g502 is heavy, got a weird scroll (pretty bad for fps games, more like for browsing), there's also g303 with the same sensor, which is lighter but got a strange and unconfortable grip imo.
anyone with pixart pwm 3366 sensor, so is g303 and g502 atm.
Hi Belgium Daniel,
I would like to say to you, do not purchase a Logitech g500. I have wasted most of my life playing with this shit mouse and I urge you not to make the same mistakes I made friend. If I were you, I would stick to what you are happy with (g400s).
Let's paly sometime soon.
Yes, you 2 need to join our lobby on CSGO :PPp
I'm shit at CSGO meight
Get practising :))) ET deaded
G400s is gud
Don't buy g500 it has planned obsolescence. g400 is fine
G400 is discontinued, there is 402, 502, 400s.
Is there not a 500s as well? Or did they already discontinue it?
I'm using g402, best mouse I've had. Very similar shape to MX518.

Before used MX518, Deathadder & Ikari.
Still going with my mx518 <3
Need to look in to the Zowie stuff but haven't got a clue :(
mx518 / g400 / g400s
I used to have mx518, still have, just the time got it a bit, but works perfectly, tho i have changed it for new generation of G400s and i have to say i am satisfied with it and it feels as same as mx518 did. If u were on g400, i recommend going in this way, with buying g400s.
I have the G400s for 2 years now, worked great untill a few days ago, started to DC all the time.. but its still working great and is very good, the one I had before was MX518, both are very similiar in the feeling with the hand, recommended! :)
Lol'd at MX518 answers. It was a great mouse, in 2006. It's outdated already. Time to move on guys.

What I'd recommand you that would be g502, but it's pretty heavy and such unorthodox shape. However 0 smoothing, low lod and great sensor.
Obviously would go for it.
The only answer in this journal
Get a old school ball mouse and play with it for a while! Then get a over 9000 dpi mouse and you will know the truth! Muscle memory!
mx518 mine still going like 9 years later
G502 or G402. Two choices really. There is really no reason to go for g400s/MX518 like some people try to tell you.

G402 is more the shape of G400, it is just little different while G502 is heavy as fuck and quite big. If you wanna claw/fingertip the mouse I'd say g402. If you wanna palm and you don't mind the weight go for g502, it has incredible sensor which is a feature over g402.
Have a look at logitech g100s/g302 or even g303 (same sensor as g502, in a different shape)

Zowie mice are okay
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