Returning player

Hi guys, returning player here, haven't gotten my ET on in years... left with a few questions regarding getting back into competitive gameplay, hoping you guys could help.

-Anti-cheat: Do I need one besides punkbuster?
-Matches: Are matches still arranged on IRC? Would anyone be so kind as to provide some of the more useful channels?
-PUGs: Is there pick-up games somewhere? All of my friends have stopped playing so that'd be a nice place to start I'm hoping.

Thank you and it's good to be back.
CGAC is used for CG ladder matches as an AntiCheat.
Channels: / / #ET:U
Thanks for the quick response Timbolina.

Also if there's anything else that's a must-know, feel free to chip in.
Parent #crossfire , et.gather is dead so i think there are no pickups anymore. Join some mixes and play. The game is still terrible:D
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