open this thread at the toilet (avi)

fat avi

needs team

no mic, crappy internet, no competive playing since -14.

Mic will be bought when enough bottles are collected if a team actually responds to this.
internet will be bought when i dont owe the internet_company 300e anymore
still dominating publics and they boring
best allrounder medic since FinlandPoliisikoira
pls pick me

pm in cf/add bounxer on xfire
(wtf is irc lol xfire good)
no thx, next one please
i know you love me bitch
Finland Poliisikoira = must of the time a bit drunk, smokes, has a deep voice and sounds a bit like a Russian when he talks English?
Is that him?
that's how all fins sound
He sounds a bit braindead as well? And had sometimes hard-time listening to his teammates.
Is it him? I wonder what happened with him.
braindead, what an insult!! He was almost team finland captain but swanidius somehow managed to fix votes and won by one vote.. I have not heard about him after that.
Then we're probably not talking about same guy, srry if I have insulted him/you.
vieläks pelaatte pete
ei, avi.
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