Pb banned for 1200 minutes

Topic says it all but why the fuk pb banned me ?
Any reason or any thing yesterday banned me first time and now again ( half an hr ago )
i'm using a radom cfg ( annibal or meehow ) working fine on other server what can be the cheat cvar it had ?
Help please ?
Banned on Alternbs#1 for 20hours
image: banned

According to log

->PBSV: [From #13 63f1(?) ^0Lowskill] cg_radar = "0"

yeah i saw that on pbbans site ?
do i have to change it to 1 ??

and now wait for 19hours now ?
Just removed that cvar from config and stop downloading random configs lol... Ban will probably get lifted @ PBBans.
Cheaters everywhere gg ET is dead
i didn't used any cheat ?
i just downloaded a random cfg and it's not my fault if it got cheat cvar
It's your fault for not checking the config lol 2015 and people still downloading random cfg and just playing with it
meehow was on server n asked him if he has anything like that he said nothing
Even it was working fine him ?
so ? still my fault ?

just wanted to be honest here but looks like no1 gives a fuck
i have the same cvar in cfg and never had any problem with it -_-

Cg_radar 0 ?
I don't even know what happen with this so i didn't changed this one... n this got me banned
fuck i need to change it fast :D
Probably will get lifted @ PBBans. Nothing to worry about. Drink some beer and go sleep. Check ban appeal tomorrow or within few days.
There's been tons of cases like yours in the past (someone downloading a random cfg and there was a cheat cvar or something inside then getting banned) :<
i swear to Lawd baby jesus i didn't know wht was that but what happened can't be undone now so will not use random cfg now onwards
yeye they all say that
yeah yeah i got it
Cheater is always cheater right ?

All fucking savages here
"Admin Decision"
yep, igla kick all players who better then him
maybe read journal again cancer
That's not even an actual cvar. Probably used by some cheat.
plays on 'nbs' and claims not to cheat..
How do i make you belive that i didn't used any cheat or hack ?
It was a MEEHOW cfg i was using
QuoteIt was a MEEHOW cfg i was using

what you expect?
The irony of it being meehows cfg lold
that's actually a ban forced by a person, not a system, so apparently some faggot wants you off the server
i don't even play at Alternbs#1 just joined for Deli map and after 2-3 mins got banned when map ended
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