LoL eu west

Hey if anyone wants to play some LoL duo Q on EU West with me make sure to write your name down below and ill add you.

plat V and upwards

bye bye
You have higher chances of getting someone from some children's forums. Of course there are manchilds here also who play that shit negro game.
ok, ill be playing my series now bro :)
let s have a beer so I can show you my awesomeness
omg gifty omg
If I find you anywhere in the Netherlands, I will kill you. Just kiddin love you Batman <3
I only play with diamond. sorry
kom dirty bomb spelen dit dat
Reesemoney300 , plat 2
I only play with master. sorry

I am casual shit noob
selling inactive gold account pm

Put in on there. Highest chance its sold within a few hours.
gonna try it later

Sellin collector account, 999e
Only 7 skins missing, like black alistar and wurf :(
So people actually do buy lol accounts? :o
Awesome post i love it keep posting more! fence spokane
Hey, LF for Duo to like climbing a lot.
It would be good to have a strong mind and no word wipe toxicity.
Though not required, voice chat is possible.
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