Need team on Dirty Bomb !

Hi everyone , i'm not playing ET anymore for a long time now as you could see BUT , i'm still playing tons of games and this one made me want to stay on it.

My usual teammates aren't often online and it's way more funny to play with people you know so if anyone has already a team or need teammates to play with , i'm your man !

I also saw that some of you are already praccing hard on this game (making Trickjumps/Checking any map fields) , it would be positive for me to know some tricks

Thanks a lot and cu around !

(Mainly playing the medic or Kira)
Kira? What? :D
She's absolutely rubbish :D

I can't remember seeing any team playing with her (cup games).

Anyway, gl finding a team.

To get you started:
i dont think us ET players would like to team up with some randoms from csgo/bf or so.. At least, I'd like to get started with previous ET competitive players
I will add u today
Kira's orbital strike has tons of clutch potential though as you can completely prevent a team from defusing or delivering obj for 14 seconds. Think for example last stage plant on underground or last stage delivery on bridge/trainyard (when the first obj has already been delivered). I'd say that it's a good situational pick heavily relying on the strike's effectiveness (instagib), duration and relatively short cooldown.
Can't argue with that and with a dmon player.
But not one weapon is usefull for Kira (the ones she have), right?
Above all the way she gives ammo, takes a while. The 'thing' needs to get deployed first.

the only good thing about her is indd, the 14 sec laser.
dreiss OP as fuck
yeah, defusing, i guess blocking some routes for 14 seconds.. its pretty OP once you have a team and put it to on good use
gl gros pd de lacheur! J'ai acheté dirtybomb mais je peux pas y jouer :(
why? Et il est gratuit donc si tu l'as acheté tu t'es fait salement baisé xD

Thanks btw :D
jai joué 30h et jen avais marre :D gl man
Sérieux ça te tente pas + que ça? :o dommage :(
Parent prépare toi plutot pour ça pd, on y va mitraillette style
haha je suis pas trop chaud pour jouer tbh :D , je viendrai surement une journée dire bonjour :D
Add insane2v2
Im avi also! lets make a team!
Check this vid out for some really useful trick jumps:
That's some pretty nice trickjumps here ! :o
Im also avi, can play proxy or fragger:)
GL finding something :P use dirtycups forum that Hellfag gave. don't use the nexon forums for anything unless you're really desperate :p (half those threads are brand new level 5's who have zero competitive experience)
Thanks ! And done :D
As usually: you're right.
you don't people from low skill games
Im avi for a DB team if someone needs someone or building a team or something.
I'm not avi. I already have a beatiful team, filled with friends.

good luck doe'
hellfigleach, at me.
Gold 4 here, 2 more wins I guess and Gold 3
Any Dutch DB team?
The game is fucking shit it ain't going to last I'd rather wax my balls than play it
Good , gonna play it anyways :D

Keep going on ET from 2003
You could be awesome in that game...
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