need players DB

Hey Ercan, me and one more mate need some players to play some rankeds or maybe even cups together. Nothing serious yet, just4fun since pubs r getting boring^^. Ercan just need few more days to learn the maps but then it shouldnt be a problem.

My current rank is g2 not sure if its any important yet :D just played 5 games after the 10

pm me here
steam: hellfigleach
if youre playing tonight lemme know on steam
I will do it, hope I wont get kicked every 5mins again^^
adeto so good in dirty bomb.
pubs are actually better than competitive mostly ucan search for wars via chat here
hey thanks for the link, but the thing is that its kinda difficult to play with my mates on the same server and then in the same team and once u r in the same team everyone leaves :/
there are level 10+ servers now try them
noticed and I rly like them but ercan started the game on thursday and he is lvl4 atm
Quote ucan search for wars via chat here

Have you tried it yet?
Sure played already a few matches there with friendly fire actually ON
only good teams there or all skills?
all skills actually
i might be avi to play with a nazi.
steam: Csongee #kapdbefaszom
im avi for cups and MM.
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