delirium.db needs a last

Hi mates!

We just created a new project with a few mates called delirium.db.
We are still on the look for two other guys as summer is coming ("for the watch") and we'll have availabilities issues.
Based on most active guys we'll just define a line-up for competition but from now on we want to improve our teamplay and tactics.

image: 23m8w9j

You must meet all the requirements below, and we mean it!

You :
- Must be known to one of us
- Talkative
- Trustworthy and motivated
- Good gamesense and proper aim.

United Kingdom Scarzy
Belgium beck
Finland Sinfulsebastian
Finland Froxe
Estonia Caej
Europe You
Europe You

For any further info just contact me on steam: delirium.beck or here on cf.

Thanks for reading.

image: hypnotic-Jenn-Kaenin-bouncing-boobs
nice gl jebane low
avi if you install Windows7 with 64bits on my pc gg
I would but I'm afraid I would embarrass Scarzy

best of luck lads ;)
hit me up if u need some1 for prac or mm
hit me up on xfire: flawless2858
I'm not using xfire :/
yo man what's your steam? just got matched with you on db :D
Avi, havent installed dirty bomb though
Ahah mate :D
You've gotta be level 5 to start playing comp though. It's approx 8 hours of gaming.
more like 2 :D
About 3 matches or so /o
GL CAEJ! <333
Good luck!
thx, see you on the battlefield!
Sponsorised by the pub ? :S

Are they aware that you use their logo at your advantage ? :S
We don't use it, we promote it! :D
Floris (Delirium Cafe bis) used to be my second home 2 years ago when I arrived in belgium :p
You guys wanna play some maps against us tonight ?
This guy is actively searching for solutions because MM is fucked up.
Glad to be able to call him my bitch.
ahw, thats cute !
Will depend who's avi tonight. Just add me on steam: delirium.beck :)
chut! c'est un secret!
Good luck to you guys, seems promising :)
There's so much better beer though
Delirium is pretty good tbh. The best I've tasted was West-Vleeteren 12° :)
afaik, this beer has won several times the award best beer of the world. but i heard they only sell it at the monastery and only limited quantity.

I gotta go delirium next time then
You can go to the abbey to by some but there's a maximum of 24 bottles per car

You won't find this beer in pubs though as it is normally not allowed to sell it
j'espère que tu ne bois pas en faisant tchoo tchoo mon ami
C'est pas touring ici, ça va autrement
j'ai déjà souffle dans le balon deux fois donc une fois à mon arrivée au dépôt à 3h du matin :D
La Trappe Oak Aged is a Quadrupel laid in whisky oad barrels, one of the best beers I've had
u guys still searching by any chance? Maybe all the guys that were avi back then wanna make a new team?
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