Lions in need of 6th

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Benelux Lions is in need of a sixth player for their lineup. We compete in the summercup and we will also attend to the LAN in november.

The lineup is:
Denmark gyzr (C)
Finland crew
Finland caej
Belgium homie
France ReturneR,

Quote by gyzrAs you can see the lineup is not 100% settled yet and nothing is official as we need to develop, practice, see how people plays together and evaluate the progression. We are at this moment in contact with several players due to our situation at the summercup and the upcoming LAN in november regarding a missing sixth and backups.

What we can offer is:
  • Playing more or less 1-2 times per week depending on peoples availability in consider to our work and private lifes.
  • Ambitions of playing competetive
  • When we play we have fun spending our valueable freetime
  • Matchserver, TS3 server, website and a big community
Can play 1-2 times a week but not on sunday, deal?
you can also bench me if you find someone better, I am used to it!
Come on man, "Mental moments" > all !
Lol beckelele
good luck finding 6th
Germany Oxy isn't avi

played a couple of pub matches with homie in rtcw, can play medic or eng smg
if I can find a team i'll be there for sure
avi if you continue playing after lan!
best of luck guys <3
Stabbaaah! :D
Oh please wut! Wanna do gamessss bruh?
avi as backup cuz im not sure if attending lan or not due my entrepreneurship
avi, can play every day except friday and saturday
Good luck guys, promising lineup :)

<3 Matias

You can always count on me as a mascot since caej is there.
gl gyzr and caej :)
awww cruuuuu. get the best, im sadly not playing ET anymore
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