Lan recruitment and interests

Hi guys let me first start off with saying a big hello once again to the et community, a much missed place for me in the recent years but meeting my girl on et and now having a family we thought It would be amazing to have a lan and share a drink with a few of you guys we once played with!!
I'm looking for some possible old faces wanting to come back and play for fun like us, beginning clan training towards the end of July probably 3 times a week thru till the lan begins,(time to blow of the cobwebs and destroy Ross once again)
Sup man, how's life in Norway?
wb and gl!
The hottest and nicest couple!!
It cut of the bottom of my message but yeah Ross be great to see ya haha :) at the moment we may possibly stand 4 strong myself, shimmie, griim and possibly sweed rat. Really looking forward to getting a team together, and start playing toward the end of July 3 times a week until lan, ready for the fun. We're great thanks raith, are you attending? And thanks to everyone with the warm welcome :)
sweet rat :o?

We better get the two germans from </3 back!
I know you still love me as much as 7/8 years ago!
Oh dear god, this LAN might just be worth attending to........Logged in just so I can comment on you westieboy!
Thanks alot rewolf!!, just come along !!!
hello pal! long time no see, nice to hear your safe and sound mate, let me know when your on and il pop on and show you some tips ;) much love son from your old mukka gavlarrr x
Tips would be greatly accepted mate haha, i may well take all these months to be some what recognisable hahaha, look forward to it gav and btw everyone the RAT is officially in
Welcome back old friend
wb mate
good effort en good luck with it w3st
computer gaming builds lives
I am AVI for games - long time no see w3st - ) Always @ idle on IRC
Been a long time!!
welcome back m8 , good luck
Good Luck!
Lan winners for sure aslong as dave can remember how to drive the truck
Ohhhhhhhh shit, the legend is back! Nice to see you mate all the best and hopefully see you there x
Star Wars? Dinosaurs? Terminator? w3st posting? WHAT YEAR IS THIS
Hahaha Robert that was quality post, you no what its great to get a warm welcome thanks alot and i cant wait to see some of u guys online again, emotional! Ross itl be fantastic to see you mate from få u been busy, have to tell me all about it! Zak fancy having a crack at lan? :) back playing in the end of july, cant wait and sqzz mind out im comming for ur throne! Hahha
it was just an unoriginal internet joke that's been used way too much this year tbh, glad you enjoyed it though.
haha i'l take a look at the details of it, just to nade dave at LAN would be glorious!
from behind?
true name LOL :P
wb! nice to see u guys once again :)
Welcome back croc dundee! Might see you at the lan!
:o w3stttttttt, hope all is good with you and linda :D
Welcome back!
Thanks alot guys :)
Wb hopefully a team that can beat rockit ;)
cant wait to see griim :3
Nice to see you back! Good luck n enjoy! :)
good luck, see if you can convince Artstar to attend a LAN :D
If he is still playing them gem how about u come along medic/ fops how bout it arstar
Too bad BuLL and I are not avi, can't see you win much this time...
why aren't you? considered asking you and Artstar... dreams are dreamed now 8 : [
niggah pls :D
what about you too? so i could start dreaming again :D
I am considering of actually going ye
so let's do this 8 : ]
Fine for me, I just have to get back from vacation first :D Back on Friday evening (in Kiel ATM)
Me and specula need some, hit me up
Need some what? :P
In't Kiel?
Beerschot fan ofzo? Of woont gij daar (ouders)?
Da zou wel sucken, echt kak buurt.

(niks tegen beerschot btw)
hey hey, ik ben int Kiel opgegroeid!
Ja, merci om men punt nog eens te benadrukken :D
Nee, we hadden 2 nachten in een hotel daar. Hadden de boot van kiel naar Oslo ;)
Lets cuddle there :)
TAD TOO LATE NOW SON. but on LAN we can cuddle, just have to find myself a team ;)
go with us :) if we are going hehe
Sure, if you need one ;)
oh dear w3st, lovely to see your name again! cheers pal 8 : ]
shit, I might have to watch this lan and cancel my vacation!
You better go !!
good luck pal, i tried dusting off the cobwebs and it really didnt work :(
I think there more like concrete pillars but we're see haha according to rat he is so talented he can play for two, lucky me and Olga best cancel Ur holiday lots of fun going down. Dabster Ur avi and Ur play as u have some freaky fantasy for me.... Thanks aq :)
lans were always fun! But I am afraid I will still enjoy my vacation :)
Heya w3st, how are you and shimmie doing? =) Might see you on the LAN then
We're good thanks domi :) who u playing for at lan??
You heared anything from Eirik lately?
Im not playing for anyone yet, trying to see whos going and who needs one
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