#dbwars - New Dirty Bomb mIRC Channel. Join us today!

Hello everyone.

I would like to invite anyone who plays Dirty Bomb to join new mIRC channel.

Currently we want to aware new players about using mIRC. mIRC had always been a big part of Enemy Territory and Dirty Bomb shouldn't be any different.

I hope to see you there!
Time to see some t/o's again
Please stop calling it mIRC. mIRC is a client.
It's called IRC.

You don't see me calling Crossfire.nu a Chrome page.
but he is right ;p
u seem right
but he is Polish ;p
You seem Polish
But he is right, mIRC has been big part of ET and Dirty Bomb shouldn't be any different.
Fucking boiling m8
I thought I was the only one whom this bothers.
fuck you and everything you stand for, phagget!
good effort!
once you attempt to create an irc channel for a purpose like this you should at least have a clue of what irc actually is
inb4 highjacked channel
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