Webe LAN?

Yo, Im avi for the upcoming LAN.

Avi for both 3on3 and 6on6 format, but I prefer the 3on3 team to have a chance of winning the LAN. As for 6on6, dont really mind if I know atleast few of you.

Class: rifle
avi: all days except fri/sat (Wont be around in August at all tho!)

can pay all the shizzle on my own

contact me on irc @ #thefinest or #exitium.et /q Webe or pmme on CF!

Not sure if..
Cu there webe
Trolling imo
after being a full retard online, you still want to go to lan? gl not getting beat up there from unforgiven
people with the biggest mouth online usually have the least to say on LAN ;)
ill fucking rek u m8, dont dare come close to me or i'll fucking stuff nades so deep in your ass you wont be able to get them out. Ever.
Its actually funny, a lot of people mouthing about wanting to beat me blabla, lets see how many of you just wanna chat with me at lan :P
who wants to beat you? tell me atleast 2 names! :)
[09:46:35] <Webe> whats that comment
[09:46:37] <Webe> fucking f@ggot
gl with rifle @ 3on3
nice joke
stfu webe
hah webe@ lan, cu there.
gl mofo.
GL webem8
gl webem8
yo wanna join malibu lan team? they only play on friday/saturday and only in august though..
rong at lan? webe at lan? me at lan??

image: KjW3MB2
missing upload
webe 2015
QuoteClass: rifle

stopped reading here
join my team

Cu there bro
Webe LAN?

Webe 2.55 rifle wallhack.

pls no beat
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