kARnAJ & An7ho LAN avi

Hi guys,

The french gay/powner duo is available for the upcoming LAN. We would like a decent team to play together. We are even available to pracc.
Antho would like to play rifle and me field ops.

Feel free to contact me on cf.
Hope to see you there ;-)
Gay: definitely
Powner: not so much

overall: baguette
Is that so?
ant7ho will deliver, dunno about the karn guy
That's about time!
Very professional ex-cyberathlete and now team coach available.
Contact my agent United KingdomniSmO aka Joe if interested.
Hello Belgium Franceau,

These men have contacted me professionally and would like you to be their professional coach. If you need to contact them, speak to me and I will arrange a professional esports skype discussion (sponsored by follow.db).

Kind regards,
Dear United KingdomJoe ,
I'm very happy to see that I have a very professional agent able to arrange things over the interwebs for me while im cklubing with some ladies, in other words, when I'm busy. I'll be glad to finalize my contract via video conference by using skype software for instance.
With bestest regards,
MarseilleColonel LeFrancis - Ex-cyberathlete, CEO of #follow.et.db, eSport journalist and now team coach
GL 2nd best fops
haha that's mean rockstar is the 1st ? :D
gl An7ho :)
gl guys :)
Avi, but I refuse to talk French.
The only time you'll hear me talk French, is when I swear.
bon chance guys
gl boys!

hope u find something!!
Thank you, so far nothing ^.^
I'm sure you will find something decent! And I also hope so, would be cool to have u guys in brussels :)
gl mates :)
gl guys!
good luck
gl fab et karnaj le rambo :]
yay good luck boys :D
gl fabien :* and karnaj hopefully you get a decent team :)
no please, dont come :(
Bitches plsssss
gl guys :)
Fuck off frogs
My gay french frogs, wazzup my bitches
Haha we are fine and you ? That's hard to find a team where they agree to let play An7ho :P
Yooow! Look at my topic and pm if interested ;-)
GL à vous les 2 pd :D
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