Some asian language (chinese?)

Is there anyone who can help me with understanding these symbols? image: symbols

Chinese(or Japanese) coins, not sure(just from what I got from 1 google search) bu seems the symbols would indicate either value or era(ruling). Same way f.e modern money might have the face/name of a countries king on it. Finding this exact one is digging through hundreds of years of exact matching symbols so you can do that yourself(unles its like a souvenir thing than it can literally mean whatever) :D Easiest way would probably be to send this image to a collector to let him identify it :P Or plenty of forums outside CF that will have asian people on it that could help more ^^
it's not a coin, it's a part of jewelry, that's why I'm guessing these are some popular symbols which are being used for tattoos for example
snapped from some point and click game for sure
not snapped, part of jewelry and from what I know such things sometimes mean love/peace/friendship/some other popular stuff, but sometimes it's a meaningful shit
this is a gaming site not a jewelry site??

btw hi
yeah but chinese learners are everywhere

hi ;d
iceQ, can you help this guy out?
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